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Reality VR

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AAX DSP, AAX Native, Mac

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3D binaural audio application

Please Note that this product is Mac only and runs only on Avid Pro Tools.

Reality VR has been natively conceived for immersive 3D production, with no compromises. Rather than designing it around a user interface mirroring old audio hardware, DSpatial is rooted in the physical world and how you interact with it, automatically and meticulously managing an array of complex tasks that until now were exclusively executed via manual processes.

DSpatial Reality VR converts Avid's Pro Tools into a complete native 3D binaural workstation, redefining the classic concepts of reverberation, panning and mixing, and unifying them into a single unique product.

A mix made with Reality VR can be played back with up to 48 loudspeakers / outputs, and also in Ambisonics with a highly realistic binaural environment.

Reality VR also provides a real-time convolution reverberation with IR modelers, proximity and distance effects, doppler, walls, doors, immersive tools, a monitoring section and 10 points multi-touch capability. It's absolutely limitless in terms of creative possibilities...

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Product Features

  • Binaural impulse response modeler and convolution reverb

  • 2 reverb models: Space Model and Room Builder Reader

  • Up to 100 mono inputs + 100 bed inputs.

  • Binaural, stereo 2D and stereo 3D modes.

  • Ambisonic inputs: FuMa and ambiX

  • Ambisonic output: FOA FuMa, FOA ACN or 2nd HOA ACN

  • 360º equirectangular view and editing

  • More than impulse responses library (outdoor IRs only available in Ambisonics mode)

  • 10 point multi-touch

  • Distance and proximity effect

  • Doppler, inertia, walls, doors

  • Immersive tools

  • Icons include: Space rear & Top rear, Center force

  • 40 groups

  • Upward and downward compatible with all DSpatial products

  • Import session tools

  • Speaker set designer

  • Monitoring section with dimmer and volume

  • Offline mode for faster than real time rendering

Version 2.0 features

  • Simplified mode

  • An exclusive immersive tool: Ambients

  • Mutes and Solos in bed inputs and centralized control of Solos, Mutes, and other per channel functions

  • Six additional binaural modes

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  • macOS 10.13-12
  • 64 bit
  • 4 Cores 2GHz processor
  • 16GB RAM

Please note: This plug-in only works with Avid Pro Tools (compatible with Pro Tools versions 12, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021). 


Windows is not supported at this time.

Required Registration:

DSpatial products require you to register with the manufacturer at as well as with and to activate your license.

This product requires an activation!

This instrument requires an iLok 2 Key for activation - iLok 1 not supported!
This USB protection device is not included in the box of this collection, it is a separate item you have to buy additionally. So you’ll have to order at least one iLok Key with your first purchase.  If you already own another iLok 2 protection device you can use it for this instrument, too. Each iLok 2 dongle can store up to 500 product licenses. Licenses can be manged easily using the iLok Licence Manager and for protection against theft or loss we recommend you the Zero Downtime Protection with TLC

Additionally an internet connection on any computer and a free user-accout at is required to authorize the product.