SciFi - Bundle
release date: 16.01.2019

SciFi - Bundle



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Design the future of sound effects - in light speed

Our SciFi sound effects pack is your best choice for serious and professional sound FX of futuristic scenarios. No matter if you’re designing single assets like flying spaceships, lasers, ion cannons, alarms, mechs, robots, mechanics, futuristic control rooms or a whole intergalactic war, our SciFi SFX pack is the perfect companion. The Bundle gives you the full sound design power as it contains both – the Designed and the Construction Kit at a discounted price.

SciFi Construction Kit

SciFi: Where no man has gone before

  • This is your toolkit for brand new futuristic Sci-Fi sounds. Create some breathtaking spaceship engine sounds, design awesome hydraulic and servo movements of robots and mechs, no matter if they are tiny or gigantic

  • Bring a whole space station to life with great ambience sounds or unleash an intergalactic battle with a vast selection of laser, tractor beam and ion cannon SFX.

More than 3.300 SciFi Sound Effects

  • The range of sci-fi sounds in this Construction Kit is incredibly versatile. It contains sounds of servos, energy weapons, hydraulics, telemetry, fly-bys, electrical power, ambiences, alarms, mechanics, movements, impacts, etc.

SciFi Designed 

SciFi Sound Design in light speed

  • Need to hit the deadline for your SciFi project but there are still some SFX missing? SciFi Designed is the perfect choice for quick and professional sound design.

  • Simply drag’n’drop the ready-to-use sounds – pre-designed by our award-winning sound designers – into your project and enjoy an absolutely clean and professional result.

The perfect sound - always within reach

  • Choose from a huge arsenal of powerful lasers, rail guns, plasma beams, unique alerts, whole ambiences, awesome mechanics, energy fields, space ships, etc. to equip your SciFi universe with the right sounds.

  • SciFi Designed will let you create high quality futuristic sound design in light speed.

Included Sounds - Keywords

science fiction, air, ambiences, drones, synthesized, dark, rumbles, data, gui, telemetry, electronics, power on/off, engines, low, high, waves, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, elements, fly-by, breath, mechanics, metal, impacts, hits, bright, rolling, scraping, plastic, generators, hums, atmo, electric, sparks, static, noise, servo, whooshes, weapons, laser, bursts, guns, shots, pulses, projectiles, lightsaber, energy, teleport, machine, hydraulic, airlock, robotic, devices, zaps, beams, spaceships, powering, rockets, shots, cannons, plasma, railguns, futuristic, alerts, telemetry ambiences, alarms

2900+ ROYALTY-FREE SOUND FX • 700+ WAV FILES • 96kHz/24bit • 12.5GB

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