Sounds of the 70s

Sounds of the 70s

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This library is renowned for its world-class, totally original but totally authentic 70s-style instrument and percussion performances, capturing the TRUE essence of the 1970s, and delivering the undiluted heart of soul, disco, and funk: recreated, sampled, and reborn.

A huge library of world-class, totally original but totally authentic 70s-style instrument and percussion performances, arranged in construction kits together with their broken-out grooves and tool kits. Produced by Mike Wilkie & Matthew Corbett, it's the ultimate Seventies production tool for 21st century groovers. It captures the TRUE essence of the 1970s, delivering the undiluted heart of soul, disco, funk, and punk: recreated, sampled, and reborn. The great golden age of the dancefloor recreated.

What do the 70s mean to you? Glitterballs, strobe lights, dry ice, mirrors, roller discos, the World Disco Dancing Championships, the hustle, the bump, the freak, cocktails, platform boots, flares, bell bottoms, tank tops, velvet suits, spandex, hot pants, medallions on hairy chests, afros & perms, John Travolta & 'Saturday Night Fever', Little Michael & The Jacksons, James Brown, disco divas, boogie. This was the great era, when the 12 inch, the remix and the DJ were born, the genesis of beat mixing. The horns, the strings, the raw disco power!

Formats: WAV, Kontakt (full version of Kontakt required)


"This collection is extremely convincing, both musically and in terms of production... quick, easy access to a convincingly retro sound palette"
- SOUND ON SOUND magazine, UK

"Infectious 70s samples, lovingly mastered to vinyl before being digitised... not full of the clichés you might expect, featuring respectable and usable samples, all recorded in the most authentic way possible... All the material is original and after a while you find yourself gyrating like Travolta and pointing skywards, your eyes glazing over and a dancefloor-filling house remix thudding away in your head... A very usable collection of 70s sounds that benefits from meticulous attention to detail in production"

"Few and far between are contemporary sample libraries that capture the true essence of the disco sound - and none that I've come across do it quite as well as Sounds Of The 70s. This package is a dynamite production tool of super high quality seventies revival - ranging from soul, disco, funk to punk - accurately and honestly capturing an era where the 12-inch, the remix and the DJ were born. I can't stress enough that this library is the real deal. The playing and styling is top-drawer throughout, and the drum loops are some of the best and most original I've heard. Perfect for adding the organics of vintage dance into today's electronic tracks"
- REMIX magazine, USA

The 70's were a rich time for pop music... Capturing the variety of this rich musical stew in a sample library is nearly impossible, but Zero-G does an admirable job... Zero-G provides 1.4 gigs of original samples that faithfully capture the grooves and feel of seventies tracks... The quality of the samples is excellent... They cover a lot of territory, and should be great for dance, soundtrack work, hip-hop, and any other place where a little retro sound is wanted... Because the samples are already looped and sliced as needed, it's very easy to get started... In addition to the construction kits, Zero-G ices the cake with B3 organ, bass, drum, Rhodes, synth, guitar, trumpet and Wurlitzer samples and riffs... Conclusion: Zero-G successfully recreates the Sounds of the 70's with this library. The library is massive, with 1.4 gigs of source material... Most importantly, the samples capture both the feel and sound of classic 70's tracks. The library should provide inspiration for many types of music... Gives you that authentic 70's sound, without the costs or legal hassles of sampling old vinyl... Perfect for musicians working in dance and hip-hop genres, but should also be useful for anyone that wants to inject a bit of 70's groove into their tracks... Great samples and construction kits capture the feel of classic tracks.
" - website

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Great construction kits capture the feel of classic tracks

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Very authentic!


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