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PSP Stereopack - perfect your stereo image

StereoPack is collection of 4 plug-ins. The set consists of: PseudoStereo, StereoEnhancer, StereoController, StereoAnalyser.

These plug-ins are applied for creating, expanding, improving, controlling and analysing the image and quality of the stereo signal in single tracks or mixes thereof.

Pseudo Stereo

  • StereoBundle GUI 1Description: PSP PseudoStereo plug-in enables the conversion of the mono signal into a stereo one. The processor adds features resembling a record using a pair of microphones.
  • Applications: pseudo-stereo encoding while recording, mixing and re-mastering mono tracks.
  • Features: wide range of effects, visualization of stereo to mono ratio, emphasis of transients in processor chain, sample rates up to 192kHz supported, presets library


  • StereoBundle GUI 2Description: PSP StereoEnhancer plug-in allows for the improvement of the stereo track spatial effect. The three processors can be applied to any audio material. With it the stereo sound of acoustic instruments as well as poor tracks can be improved.
  • Applications: enhancing stereophonic space while recording, mixing, mastering and re-mastering single or multiple stereo tracks and mixes.
  • Features: wide range of effects from subtle to extreme, visualization of mono compatibility, up to 192kHz


  • StereoBundle GUI 3Description: PSP StereoController is used for correcting stereophonic errors. This plug-in allows for removing basic errors such as: reverse signal phase or change of channels. PSP StereoController is particularly helpful whilst mastering tracks performed in poor monitoring conditions.
  • Applications: eliminating stereo errors during mastering and re-mastering stereo tracks.
  • Features: independent control of differential signal level, traditional channel balance, changing stability of left and right without moving center channel position, adjusting center position without changing entire stereo image, swapping and changing phase of channels.


  • StereoBundle GUI 4Description: PSP StereoAnalyser is used for measuring the stereo image. Apart from mean and peak measurement of L R or M S signal levels it has an oscilloscope which reveals phase errors and lack of channel balance.
  • Applications: analyzing stereo image properties while recording, mixing and mastering
  • Features: stereo oscilloscope with hold and manually or automatically adjusted level, L R or S M level meters with mean / peak / hold features


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5.0 of 5  
17.03.2021 Language: englisch

Very good!



  • macOS 10.8 or higher
  • Intel processor


  • Windows 7-10

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