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String Machines Expansion

String Machines Expansion


Avenger Expansion Pack

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String machines, organs and vocoders from the 70s and 80s

Ever wished to own all these incredible vintage string machines, organs and vocoders from the 70s and 80s? Now you can: VPS Avenger "String Machines" is here!

Manuel Schleis himself dedicated the last years in collecting and deep-sampling all these original beautis. All samples have been taken from the real vintage gear, no compromises! Avengers Macro section is simulating the most important things you can do with the original synthesizer:

Blend in different strings or organ registers, turn on the (real sampled) ensemble or tremolo effects or change other settings like filters or sustain modes. You can control everything which made these classics unique. All together this huge expansion consists of over 50 machines and over 14.500 single wav files, all perfectly looped of course. A masterpiece of a kind and a true time capsule of an entire era!

This expansion adds to your library:

  • 101 Avenger presets

  • 654 new multisamples

  • 14.500 wav files

  • 4,5GB of uncompressed wav

Attention: VPS Avenger version 1.8.2 minimum required!

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To use this product, an installed and activated Version of Avenger 1 or Avenger 2 is required.

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