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String Voice Expression

String Voice Expression


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A powerful sketch pad

String Voice Expression is a lush and emotive string-based scoring instrument that was developed using a combination of sampling processing techniques and extensive programming within Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or higher. A highly special virtual instrument that is created only from voice samples becomes a potent sketchbook for the working composer. A female Alto soloist is featured in a vocal overlay, and the producer created multi-patches. In order to give MIDI compositions more authenticity, String Voice Expression also has a unique legato tool that will change the sampled tone over time and real-world stage performance atmosphere.


  • 2 octave string section – simulated via vocal samples
  • String Voice bank 1-4
  • String Voice bank 5-8
  • 1 octave Female Alto vocalist
  • Various vocal-generated pads
  • Multi and single Kontakt patches
  • Assignable MIDI control within a multi-patch
  • Mod-wheel control of brightness
  • Time-based legato
  • Studio environment
  • Church ambient with IRF included
  • Mapped C3- C5



  • 632 mb
  • 235 .wav files
  • 44.1 hz 24 bit stereo
  • 293 mb Kontakt memory
  • 18 nki files
  • 292mb Kontakt memory

The V Script

V Script is a sophisticated power tool designed to ease the burden of the working composer. Most aspects are done behind the scenes or on the fly. The composer simply needs to create vocal sequences (a group of elements) and store each by a simple press of a Key-switch.

  • Real-time sequencing and instant call-back of self-created vocal movements
  • Mix elements into 12 part vocal steps to create a sung verse
  • Create and store up to 12 verses with instant call-back
  • Polyphonic legato
  • GUI controllable attack and release per step sequence
  • GUI controllable vocal EQ
  • GUI controllable vocal compression, church reverb and far microphone simulation
  • Bypass all for a studio dry environment
  • Mod Wheel controllable volume
  • Pitch Wheel open to user assign

Compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt 5 and 6.

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Requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt

Please notice: This library can not be used with the free Kontakt Player! To use this "Open Kontakt" format, you need a full version of Kontakt, which is included in products such as Komplete or Komplete Ultimate.

The minimum required Kontakt version number for this product is stated in the product description or can be found on the developer's website.

System Requirements:


  • macOS 10.14 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5 or Apple M1 (native)
  • RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)


  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5 or similar CPU
  • RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)

Supported Interfaces:

  • Mac (64-bit only): Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Windows (64-bit): Stand-alone, VST, VST3,  AAX

Legacy Versions:

If you require legacy installers of Kontakt Player please refer to this Knowledge Base Article.

Required Registration:

Bela D Media products require you to register with the manufacturer at www.beladmedia.com to activate your license. To use Kontakt Player Libraries you also need to register with www.native-instruments.com.

This product requires an activation!

An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.