The Wall

The Wall

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Limiter with a huge variety of styles

Boz Digital plugins owe their existence mostly to the struggle to overcome the limits of 3rd-party plug-ins that run into a brick wall (so to speak) when confronted with sophisticated audio jobs that call for a delicate, multi-tiered approach rather than one-handed sheer force. The Wall is a limiter, plain and simple - and therein lies its greatest strength. BDL plugins are distinctive, bringing a unique approach to audio processing jobs. Its history is both well-known and wonderfully unique. Boz decided it would be more efficient to create a limiter plugin from scratch than to waste any more time having endless hours of labor undermined by the flaws of too complicated limiting plugins.

The objective was to design a user-friendly tool that would deliver the outcomes we all want, yet swiftly and simply. Ironically, The Wall was created to address the shortcomings of other limiters, and they are certain that it will become your go-to limiter. Or perhaps Alanis Morissette is being ironic. . . They are unsure because the focus is mainly on difficulties and how to get through them without sacrificing functionality or sound purity. The Wall, to put it simply, is a brick-wall limiter created to provide you with a quick and simple method of making mixes competitively loud without sacrificing their melody and dynamics. However, like other Boz Digital Labs plugins, that's not all it can do.


  • Dual Limiting Modes

  • Huge variety of styles with simple interface

  • Sanity Check normalizes your level so you can compare your original sound with the compressed sound without introducing a level change.

  • Up to 8x oversampling to prevent intersample peaks.

  • Dithering, becauseā€¦ Why not?

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  • macOS 10.5 or higher


  • Windows 8 or higher
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