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Positively comical FX, vocalizations, object and noises

Could a cartoon ever be complete without the right sound (what would Road Runner be without his signature “beep-beep?)? Many of you creatives asked us to give you the high quality audio you need to make your characters and their environments fully come to life. Our response? Boom Toons! SFX are finally here!

For animations, quick motion scenes, slapstick theatre and more

  • Want to have an old-timer car honk its horn sternly at passers-by, before the tires screech off into the horizon? Your protagonist jumps off of a cliff by the sea and – suddenly in the air – we hear the tide roll back and she smacks on to the ground? Or your hero slips on a banana, swoops into a kitchen, metal crashes, bins rattle bins and, epic climax-style, the stove explodes! Don’t worry about how that sounds. Boom Toons! SFX are here. We’ve got you covered.

Included Sounds - Keywords

cartoons, boing, rubber, rattle, balloons, creaks, wobble, glove, farts, mouth, flaps, shaking, swallow, horns, impacts, crashes, junps, drops, strings, slides, brasses, trumpets, percussions, ringing, rustling, slaps, squeaks, toys, plops, bubbles, beeps, thwacks, squishes, honks, swoops, stove, explosions, funny, whistle, punches, trills, quacks

3300+ ROYALTY-FREE SOUND FX • 550+ WAV FILES • 96Hz/24bit • 7.4GB

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