Trance Invasion 2
release date: 26.11.2019

Trance Invasion 2


Avenger Expansion Pack

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128 Trance Presets for Avenger

Trance Invasion 2 has landed! Vengeance's special guest sound programmer invading your studio this time: Alan Morris! Trance at its best from Germany: Enjoy tons of wonderful arpeggios, rolling basslines, fat leads, lush pads, cutting plucks, modern trance drumkits and well composed sequences and refreshing chord progressions - Alan is a professional piano player. So if you know his music, you know you can expect awesomeness. Of course there is also a big new Arpeggio presets folder included in this XP. A true must have for every serious trance producer out there!

This expansion adds to your library:

  • 128 Avenger presets     
  • 87 additional arpeggio presets     
  • 36 additional osc-shapes
  • 13 additional drumkits & sequences
  • 54 additional multisamples    
  • 10 additional wavetables

Attention: VPS Avenger version 1.5.9 minimum required!

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To use this product, an installed and activated Version of Avenger 1 or Avenger 2 is required.

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