How do I find the best time zone for my booking?
The internet is a great source for web sites providing information about the different time zones. Use this information to calculate the correct values for your session.

Does Try-Sound support proxies?
Proxies are not supported by Try-Sound.

Do I need to configure my firewall?
Normally there are no special configurations needed.
If DAWconnect however fails to connect to our servers, deactivate your firewall for a quick test. If you can successfully connect without firewall, please make sure to reactivate the firewall again and then allow outgoing connections for DAWconnect on port numbers 18130, 18131, 18132 and 18134.

I have audio drop outs and am told to: "Increase the live latency for this Session"
Please open the DAWconnect settings and increase the latency for the Live Mode. If this is not solving your problem you can try to switch to MP3 mode, or Safe Mode. 

Why do I have to wait for the next free time slot?
Try Sound does not work like a regular web site. For each session we need to run a dedicated machine from our server farm for you. Since the number of machines is limited it can happen that you sometimes have to wait for a free time slot.

Are the instruments demo versions or the real thing?
Try-Sound gives you access to the full retail version of the selected product. Depending on your internet connection, the sound quality of the transmission can be lossless. To prevent misuse, the free test sessions will be accompanied by some undisturbing nature sounds.

How can I improve my Try-Sound experience ?
Try-Sound completely depends on the quality of your internet connection. To achieve the best possible latencies you should try to follow optimizations:

  • your internet access should offer a download of at least 16 Mbps
  • keep your line clean, avoid downloads or video streams while using DAWconnect
  • it can be useful to close the GUI of the instrument while playing