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u73b Compressor

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Faithful & unique Emulation of a German Broadcast Compressor/Limiter

The device was often used for mastering between 1960 and 1980. It is an all tube vary-mu compressor/limiter with adjustable release time option. Audified kept the circuit exactly as it was originally designed and only added input and output gain (before and right after compressor circuit) to help with proper adjustment of the compression.

The plugin effect has been also supplemented with a VU meter and selectable side-chaining. U73b is great for mastering, mixing drums, bass, guitar, vocals and voice overs.


U73 GUI Screen

The compressor's controls are very easy, but the effect of this unique device is audible at the same moment you turn it on:

  • Compressor/Limiter Switch – is the upper U73b knob and it switches between Compressor mode (Kompr), Bypass (Durchschalt) and Limiter mode (Begr). The compressor mode has lower threshold setting and very gentle increasing ratio, in opposite, the limiter mode provides higher threshold setting with higher ratio but still with smooth knee.

  • Release time – the first three positions offer fixed release time, the other three positions (marked red) provide adjustable program content dependent release time option.

  • IN – adjust input gain before the compressor/limiter circuit

  • OUT – adjust output gain after the compressor/limiter circuit.

  • Key input – selects the signal source used for controlling the gain reduction

  • HPF – U73b is a vintage device and as such it may not meet present mastering demands. We added a bass management button that simply switches between original sound and desired modern sound (without low frequencies bypass).

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Flag EN spaceResident Advisor Review 06/2015

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"The U73b is a special compressor. It can be a bit difficult to predict what's going to happen when you adjust it until you're used to it, and the effect is pronounced in terms of the tonal as well as the dynamic changes it imparts. On elements where it fits right, it can lend a magic touch, making them sound remarkably upfront and warm, like they've been through a professional mixing desk." - D.Petry

Full review for MixChecker at residentadvisor.net

Flag DE spaceReleastime Review 10/2016

Releasetime Logo


"Der U73b von Audified kann auch eine Sammlung erlesener Emulationen analoger Kompressoren durch eine weitere, eigenständig klingende Variante ergänzen und gehört zu den Besten seiner Zunft. In puncto Auflösung und Audioqualität kann er sich auch mit teureren Mitbewerbern messen." - Holger Obst

Ganzer Testbericht bei releasetime.de



  • macOS 10.11-11.1
  • Apple Silicon compatible


  • Windows 8 or higher
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