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Urban & Suburban

Urban & Suburban

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Modern Ambiences Ready to Use

Urban & Suburban provides a solid foundation for any sound designer to create a believable acoustic backdrop right out of the gate with common ambiences in varying intensities, daytimes and configurations. Easily accessible public places are captured in excellent quality, yet enough balance and distance to support the scene in the background and embed more prominent sounds into the mix.

Common vs Unusual

While Urban & Suburban provides all the necessary basics, it also goes the extra mile by providing more isolated environments as well as recordings of special events that will come in handy when a change of scenery or dramaturgy is required. Various forms of traffic, groups of people, buildings, animals, wind and many more sound sources that make an appearance in this library ensure that you are able to craft an experience complete with the necessary components.

Included Sounds - Keywords

urban, suburban, area, mowers, sprinklers, traffic, babble, people, cars, trucks, horns, sirens, light traffic, traffic echoes, train horns, traffic roars, electricity crackles, emergency vehicle sirens, car passes, cobblestones, celebratory car horns, car horns and shouts, shuttle bus, luggage wheels, footsteps, airport interior ambiences, security announcements, chair movements, food circus, TSA security checkpoints, train station entrances, toll stations, coin tosses, underground, rumbling, arrival, departure, backgrounds, trains, park morning, park day, sidewalk, cathedral bells, crowded indoor spaces

140 royalty-free sound fx 140 WAV files • 48kHz/24bit • 3.5GB

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