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Verve Analog Machines
release date: 11.06.2024

Verve Analog Machines

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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST3, Win

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10 retro-futuristic tone machines

Give your recordings the colorful saturation and effects heard on countless hip-hop, lo-fi, electronic, rock, and experimental tracks. Designed for the modern musician, beatmaker, and producer - Verve Analog Machines puts a sandbox full of playful analog sounds right in your DAW.

10 Magical Machines to Unleash Your Creativity

Verve Analog Machines puts vintage sound at the ready. Giving you ten colorful UA-designed effects with settings that are super easy to dial in, it’s like a sandbox full of analog toys right in your DAW.

Add Retro Analog Tone to Your Modern Mixes

Need to add energy to drums, guitars, vocals, synths, or your whole mix? From gluey tape warmth and hi-fi tube saturation to all-out distorted mayhem, Verve Analog Machines makes your in-the-box productions sound instantly more expressive and alive.

Play Around With Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi & Sci-Fi Sound

Whether you seek the strange sound of thrift store tape machines, that tiny speaker effect from a vintage guitar amp, or the big-studio luster of a premium tube channel strip – Verve Analog Machines instantly levels up any mix with off-the-wall analog color.

Key Features

  • Add analog sound to your recordings with 10 easy-to-use machines

  • Get quick tone-shaping with simple controls like drive, tone, and tape warble

  • Give kicks, snares, and synths gritty tape textures or add tube warmth to vocals, guitar, bass, or your entire mix

  • Make mixes sound instantly more expressive and alive with retro-futuristic analog sounds crafted by UA


Included Machines

  • Sweeten: Add warmth to anything with classic reel-to-reel sound that can be gently overdriven. Great for: Getting studio-grade tape sound on vocals, instruments, or your entire mix.

  • Edge: Get the effect of driving up the gain on an analog console to energize your recordings with crunchy saturation. Great for: Bringing dull recordings to life.

  • Glow: Make tracks blush with rich harmonics, like the sound you get when plugging into a high-end tube preamp or channel strip. Great for: Warming up bright or thin-sounding tracks.

  • Warm: An older and bolder tape machine. It’s similar to Sweeten, but with a deeper warmth and warble. Great for: Getting tape sound with added movement.

  • Thicken: Hop in your time machine and explore gritty lo-fi textures from half a century ago.  Great for: Giving any track some added vibe and dimension.

  • Vintagize: Need a tone that’s all your own? Score thriftstore tape machine sound that’s older than your grandparents. Great for: Making modern recordings sound old.

  • Distort: Get tube sound that’s been pushed to the edge, similar to driving an analog preamp a bit too hard. Great for: Getting tracks to sound bold and exciting.

  • Overdrive: Tape tone like Thicken and Vintagize, but it grinds and roars even more. Great for: Adding fuzzy tape tone to synths, guitars, drums, and more.

  • Fire: It’s that searing analog sound, like pouring liquid hot magma onto your track. Great for: Adding texture to vocals and instruments.

  • Sputter: Need your recordings to sound broken, but in a cool way? Sputter gives you over-the-edge distorted mayhem. Great for: Pushing tracks past their limits.

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  • macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher
  • Intel or Apple Silicon processor


  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
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