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Vienna MIR Pro 3D - Bringing 3D Space to Your Music

The 3rd generation of Vienna’s ground-breaking Multi Impulse Response convolution has arrived! Whether you’re mixing in stereo, binaural, surround, or immersive audio formats, Vienna MIR Pro 3D offers a multitude of improvements and new features including 3rd Order Ambisonics, 3D audio support, 3D positioning of instruments and virtual microphones, and gorgeous 3D graphics!

Features and Possibilities

  • Full 3D Audio Support - Choose any output format you can imagine, from stereo and surround to mixes ready for binaural and Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and even “raw” Ambisonics. You can move instruments, virtual microphones and microphone capsules in a fluid three-dimensional space and rotate and tilt them in any direction.

  • 3rd Order Ambisonics - Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) is used throughout the entire signal path. It guarantees for a better, more natural sound with improved spatial enveloping and localization. All existing RoomPack venues have been upscaled to HOA by means of a proprietary process developed at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics - IEM of the University of Graz, one of the worldwide hotspots of Ambisonics research.

  • Tabbed Venues - Use multiple rooms side-by-side, drag and drop instruments and entire orchestras from one hall to the other, or use different setups of the same room simultaneously. Assigning “Roles” makes this process simple and smart.

  • New Preset Management - Choose from a wealth of factory presets or create your own setups, switch between them instantly, and mix-and-match selected instruments by using the concept of “Roles” for any individual sound source. Set up your instruments quickly and perfectly by using pre-configured Venue Presets.

  • Upmixing - Use Vienna MIR Pro 3D as a simple yet sophisticated tool to create immersive mixes from stereo sources.

More Features

  • “Spheres” offer a new, alternative approach to decoding Higher Order Ambisonics as opposed to commonly used virtual microphone capsules

  • Dry/wet volume ratio modes: CLASSICAL - SCORING - POP

  • Function-specific grouping of MIR Icons

  • “Auto-Aiming” of the MIR Icon towards the Main Mic, wherever you place it in the room.

  • User-generated Presets can be shared easily

  • Full compatibility with existing Vienna MIR Pro projects

The MIR Factor

Vienna MIR Pro 3D is a holistic mixing and reverberation application based on Vienna’s groundbreaking Multi Impulse Response Convolution technology. Not just virtual instruments, but any audio signal can be authentically placed in a “multi-sampled” room using the unique MIR Icon, making it exceptionally easy for the user to combine all aspects of placement and reverberation into a single intuitive workflow.

You may choose your acoustic spaces from various MIR 3D RoomPacks offering world-renowned scoring stages, concert halls, studios and recording facilities as well as exceptional churches.

The MIR Control Icon

As opposed to traditional mixing, where countless parameters create a barrier between the music creator and the desired outcome, Vienna MIR Pro 3D offers an entirely new spatial concept, allowing you to interact with the players more like a conductor than an engineer. Instead of using two-dimensional faders, pan pots, pre-delays, and a host of other inconveniences to achieve clarity and depth in a mix, the MIR Control Icon lets you easily place any audio signal in a 3-dimensional room and control almost any sonic aspect quickly and intuitively. Parameters such as volume, stereo width, 3D direction and dry/wet signal ratio can be accessed directly in the MIR Icon.

Much more than Reverberation

Vienna MIR Pro 3D provides much more than a “multi-sample” of a hall – and this is where it far surpasses any other convolution application on the market. The software combines specific directional frequency profiles with reflectional information from every single instrument, assembling all the acoustic interactions into an accurate and satisfying recreation of musicians playing their instruments in place and in space. Vienna MIR Pro 3D is multi-source, multi-directional, multi-positional, and multi-format.

Capturing the Magic of a Room

Every room has its own voice, with its own characteristics, its imperfections – its magic. Imagine the sound of a grand piano. Do you think it would be sufficient to record a single Middle C to make a convincing virtual instrument? No, you have to go for individual samples from every single key, captured in as many velocities as the human ear is able to distinguish. The same is true for sampling a room. You have to send out acoustic impulses (sinus sweeps, in our case) from as many spots in the room as possible, in all directions, including upwards to the ceiling and downwards to the floor, and capture all of the room’s responses to create a real 3-dimensional sonic image of the room.

Let’s look at what happens when you place a sound source, e.g., a solo horn, on Vienna MIR Pro 3D’s virtual stage of a concert hall. First of all, the specific position on stage triggers the selection of one or more sets of eight impulses (six for horizontal directions, two for upward and downward directions). Equally important, the directivity characteristics of the instrument are applied before the convolution of impulses, making the result dependent on the frequency distribution and the volume an instrument is emitting in various directions. The software engine calculates all of this in real-time, and what you get is what you hear – a solo horn that sounds exactly as if it were playing at that very spot on stage.

MIR Pro 3D - Features

  • Mixing & Reverberation software based on Multi Impulse Response Convolution.
  • Up to 6,000 individually recorded impulse responses for each room, depending on the size of the stage and the number of microphone positions.
  • Graphical user interface depicting 3D renderings of the selected room with 3D navigation and scroll wheel zooming.
  • Tabbed venues for using multiple rooms simultaneously.
  • Microphone Position Offset allowing for 3-dimensional movement of virtual microphones in the room.
  • Up to 40 sectors per stage for instrument placement, with interpolation between sectors for seamless transitions.
  • Highly specialized impulses of line arrays in 60° steps in six horizontal directions as well as upwards and downwards.
  • Reverb length can be changed individually for each microphone position.
  • GUI options such as Instrument Grouping, Hide Icon, Instrument Focus.
  • Intuitive multi-parameter MIR Control Icon with direct access to the connected audio source and visual feedback.
  • “Auto-Aiming” of the MIR Icon towards the Main Mic
  • Multiple wet signal busses allow for individual RoomEQ settings for different signal sources.
  • Character Presets (such as ‘Air’, ‘Silk’, ‘Bite’, ‘Distant’, ‘Warm’) for quick timbral changes of each instrument
  • Advanced Preset Management of Venue Presets and Roles
  • Optional distance-depending air absorption filter and volume scaling
  • Room EQ and Master EQ.
  • Adjustable Room Tone (natural noise floor).
  • 3rd Order Ambisonics for output in various stereo, surround and immersive formats
  • Works with any commonly used sampling frequency, up to 192 kHz.
  • Full latency compensation.
  • MIRacle plug-in – Direct access to a tailor-made algorithmic global reverb for “sweetening”.
  • AU/VST/VST3/AAX Native plug-in for direct integration with most modern DAWs.

Please note: Vienna MIR Pro 3D comes with one license per purchase. If you’d like to use Vienna MIR Pro 3D on multiple computers simultaneously, Vienna MIR Pro 3D (24) will be a great and cost-effective option to get additional licenses.

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24.11.2023 Sprache: deutsch

Perfekt wie nahezu die letzte Jahrzehnte, solange bin ich schon Kunde und daran wird sich auch nichts ändernDanke an das gesamte Team, speziell an NINA

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27.11.2022 Sprache: deutsch


5.0 of 5  
31.10.2022 Sprache: deutsch

Wunderschön, flexible, realistisch und sehr Resourcens schönend. Super Leistung von VSL! Und Best Service wie immer top!


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