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Volt - Electromagnetic Fields

Volt - Electromagnetic Fields

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Power your projects with voltage

An auditory dimension of sound produced by human technology and machines surrounds us. With the help of Volt, a flexible tool for crafting electric sounds with extreme modulation capabilities, Just Sound Effects have documented these electromagnetic fields for you. Use the sounds as a resource for UI design and the layering of complex ambiences, or create energizing movements, sci-fi components, future engines and weaponry, gigantic impacts, or other effects.

You can find several different electromagnetic recordings in this collection, along with risers, stingers, drones, user interface sounds, and whooshes. Additionally, you receive a sizable toolkit section containing loops and one-shots that are optimized for a seamless workflow with samplers like S-Layer.

An electrifying source of inspiration

Using a Soma Ether stereo system and a LOM Elektroui with a Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6 recorder, Just Sound Effect's sound expedition brought them through extensive recordings of screens, home appliances, smartphones, laptops, car ignitions and interiors, motors, lights, fuseboxes, synthesizers, and much more. The Soma Ether stereo recordings frequently produce a dynamic picture with distinct signals on each channel. They recorded the sounds in 192 kHz since electromagnetic fields can stretch to very high frequencies, giving you the whole spectrum and the chance to unleash your creativity and create something entirely new.

Product Information

  • Files: 1179

  • Sounds: 1833

  • Size: 26.76 GB

  • Format: 96/192khz/24bit

  • Channels: Stereo-Wav

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