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This huge library features the combined contents of both of the original AMBIENT sample libraries (AMBIENT Volume 1 and AMBIENT Volume 2) - Over 470 Mb of stunning sounds produced by highly acclaimed British electronic musician IAN BODDY. There's a fantastic array of dreamy NN19 atmospheric and FX patches for use in ambient dance, trance, film soundtracks or futuristic/ spacey/ trance music of all kinds. Combining the hypnotic charms of Jarre, Floyd, Tangerine Dream and so on with current dance trends, "Ambient" is designed to mellow you out with relaxing washes, laid back rhythms and awesome sound effects. Includes WAV format, Reason Refill and Kontakt (.nki) patches.

IAN BODDY used an impressive inventory of analogue and digital synths to create these well organised samples, including Roland System 100m, SVC3 vocoder, JD990, Korg Wavestation, EMS VCS3, Memorymoog, PPG Wave, and Oberheim Matrix 6 and 12. There are digital drones, pads and effects (all very lush stereo) conjuring up deep space hyperdrives through sinister alien landscapes, etc. A beautifully realised sound palette, the effects really are are as good as you get - smooth, long, ring modulators, digital cascades and arpeggios, filter sweeps of just about every denomination, computer tone bursts, gong sustains, synthetic winds, computer FX (like Kraftwerk c.1975), low drones and sweep-downs, mysterious machinery, anharmonic arpeggios, electronic noise bursts, tubular bells, tasty vocoder loops, etc.

"Ian Boddy is one of sampling's true innovators and this release set the standard for others to follow. Despite quite a few similar products having been released since, Ambient continues to hold its own, and even after all this time the pads and textures still sound as fresh and exciting as they did when it first came out. An extremely versatile release suitable for techno, soundtrack, relaxation or just plain weird music that is a glowing testament to Ian's love of all things analogue and his attention to detail in effects processing. -- Paul Farrer (SOUND ON SOUND magazine, UK)

The following are excerpts from reviews of the original audio CD versions of this library:

Reviews of Ambient Volume 1:

"...This is an impressive assortment of samples that covers far more than ambient territory... In all, a large range of excellent sounds to spice up a conventional rhythm track... Perfect for making Orb-style trance records. Highly recommended. 8/10" - FUTURE MUSIC, UK

"....Bound to appeal... An army of whooshy, metallic, analogue, and other textures... Good weird atmospheres... Hits the mark squarely... This is good stuff..." - SOUND ON SOUND UK

"This Ambient CD is definitely a grower, capable of adding some real depth to your spookier tunes." - CU AMIGA UK

"Whatever type of music you're making, there's a place for this disk in your collection." - MELODY MAKER UK

Reviews of Ambient Volume 2:

"..A non stop feast.. The sheer variety is stunning.. It would take years and tons of gear to accumulate this collection on your own. The range of textures and moods is remarkable. The synth programming is very creative.. Filter and noise sweeps, low moans, beeping twitters, slowly spinning clangorous tones, disturbing analog burbles, ring-mod gargling, glassy shimmers abound.. These are exciting sounds. I can't wait to try a few of them out in a track! SOUND QUALITY: 5 stars. SELECTION: 4 stars. BANG FOR THE BUCK: 5 stars" - KEYBOARD USA

"..An impressive inventory of analogue and digital synths.. well organised, in stereo.. beautifully realised... effects are as good as you get.. I'm going to buy one, case open and shut.. Following on from the successful Ambient sampling CD, Vol. 2 would make a good complementary volume. If you can only afford one ambient library, well this CD certainly covers far more bases, from lush digital textures to BBC radiophonic workshop. Engineering is excellent. The quality of this library will not disappoint. Five stars" - SOUND ON SOUND, UK

Both volumes (1 and 2) are included in this download.



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5.0 of 5  
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Gute Auswahl, nicht überwältigend gross aber umfassend und sehr preiswert.


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