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Everything Bundle Crossgrades
release date: 11.12.2020

Everything Bundle Crossgrades

Crossgrade ***

AAX native, AU, VST, Win

after successsful payment
$ 199.00

 9.95BestCoinBestCoin Bonus 
** Crossgrade TWO

AAX native, AU, Mac, VST, Win

after successsful payment
$ 2499.00

 124.95BestCoinBestCoin Bonus 

***Crossgrade for owners of RX Post Production Suite 5

**Crossgrade TWO for owners of Music Production Suite 4 / RX8 ADV

The Everythig Bundle consists of:

  • Music Production Suite 4 - Music Production Suite 4 has over thirty industry-standard plug-ins that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools. Featuring the Ozone 9 along with the most musical stereo reverbs R4 and Nimbus, Music Production Suite 4 can assist you in every step of the workflow, from audio to repair, to vocals, to mixing and mastering.

  • Creative Suite - The iZotope Creative Suite features seven innovative and inspiring software tools to invigorate your music productions and help them stand out: VocalSynth 2, Iris 2, Trash 2 Expanded, BreakTweaker Expanded, Stutter Edit, DDLY, and Mobius Filter. This unique collection of creative products is designed to inspire, elevate and aid exploration in your music. Make beats, design synths, add texture, and find your sound with the iZotope Creative Suite.

  • Post Production Suite 5 - RX Post Production Suite 5 features intelligent and powerful software solutions for everything from dialogue editing to mixing and delivery. Included are iZotope’s and Exponential Audio´s most powerful tools for audio post production: RX 8 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Stratus 3D, Symphony 3D, Neutron 3 Advanced, Insight 2 & RX Loudness Control.



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