eXplorer 6

eXplorer 6


AAX native, AU, Mac, NKS support, VST, Win

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The ultimate virtual synth and effects plugin collection

Rob Papen is one of the world's leading sound designers and over the last decade he has released a series of multi-award winning high quality software plug-ins which have become essential tools for many of the world's leading music producers. Now you can purchase the whole Rob Papen collection in one single package - eXplorer 6.


  • 15 Virtual Synths including Go2, RAW-Kick & Vecto
  • 7 Effects Plugins and a Sampler
  • Over 15000 presets
  • Powerful cutting edge features

Combining all 12 Rob Papen virtual synths plus the company's 7 critically acclaimed effects plug-ins and 1 sampler, eXplorer 6 provides all the tools you need for contemporary music production including thousands of rich, complex, track-ready presets created by Rob Papen and guest artists including acclaimed DnB artists Noisia and Junkie XL.

The following products are included in this package

  • Rob Papen Blue 2
    Crossfusion synthesis. FM, phase distortion, wave shaping & subtractive
  • Rob Papen Predator + Predator FX
    Phat analoge synth with killer presets and first class features
  • Rob Papen Blade 2
    Cutting edge additive synthesis plug-in for the creation of unique sounds quickly and easily
  • Rob Papen Punch 2
    Combines sampled and synthesized drums in a high quality percussive instrument
  • Rob Papen SubBoomBass 1 & 2
    Ultra-deep groove bass synth with built-in step sequencer
  • Rob Papen Rhythm Guitar Synth
    Electric & acoustic guitar grooves with sequencer and synth effects
  • Rob Papen RP Distort
    Distortion effects plugin with additional innovative features
  • Rob Papen RP Delay
    Delay insanity. reverser, 6 lines, 8 filters, 4 LFOs & more
  • Rob Papen RP Verb 2
    An advanced, transparent and musical algorithm reverb with easy controls
  • Rob Papen RP-AMOD
    Features classic audio modulation FX to spice up your tracks
  • Rob Papen B.I.T.
  • Analogue Modelled Synthesis
  • Go2 - is a highly affordable ‘go-to’ synth which has all controls on one screen plus unique features and top notch sounds that cover a wide range of genres and musical styles.

  • RAW-Kick - Based on the legendary RAW synthesiser, RAW-Kick includes neat features and focus specifically designed for today’s demanding producers! Containing over 450 drum samples, RAW-Kick offers three individual layers to design and build up your Kick drum sound, which is a conventional method often used by producers.

  • MasterMagic - is the ultimate affordable mastering tool to give your music the edge. Just place ‘MasterMagic’ at the very end of the master FX chain and be surprised how much it can do for your track!
  • RAW - DJ Promo and DJ Free-K approached Rob Papen with the idea of a synthesiser that focused more on 'distorted' sounds with an easy to use layout. Renowned for delivering fresh, cutting edge and musical plugins for producers, Rob Papen invited the DJs to his studio for a brainstorming session resulting in a list of 'must have' features and tools for a brand new synth. Armed with this list and several more brainstorming sessions later, Rob Papen and his development team created a powerful new virtual synth RAW.

  • RP-EQ! - In the virtual music world there are a countless number of different EQ’s available...so why another one? Well, Rob Papen is all about sound and he was convinced he could add something special to the EQ plugins.

  • PREDATOR 2 - Predator 2 is packed with new powerful features such as: Waveform morphing,Waveform drawing,WaveSet playmode, XY pad,new EQ, and new voice level distortion and much more! Shipped with inspirational presets, Predator 2 is a unique synthesizer concept which combines ‘User Friendliness’ and ‘Packed Features’ in one amazing product.

  • Punch-BD - Based around the BD module of the multi award winning Punch virtual drum synth, Rob Papen delivers a creative module to help you to produce the fattest sounding bass drums for your music.

  • Prisma - Get creative using Rob Papen's take on instrument layering

  • Vecto is a powerful Four-Oscillator Vector Synthesiser that allows the user to draw in vector paths to shape the sound in many different ways. Included in the package are a huge selection of oscillator waves, sampled waveforms, multiple modulation options and preset vector paths to help create unique and distinctive sounds.

  • RP-Reverse is an innovative and inspiring FX plugin for the creative minded artist that loves to add different sonic ingredients into their tracks. Thinking out of the box is part of what what the Rob Papen brand ethos is, but keeping in mind that plugins should be there for creating music.

  • XY-Transfer: XY-modulation FX

  • Quad - Virtual Synth with vast modulation possibilities



  • macOS 10.12-11
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 7-10
  • 32 bit & 64 bit

Prisma is not compatible with NKS.

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