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Precision EQ triggered by a built-in dynamic processor

The ultimate problem-solving EQ, F6 can be used for diverse equalization, compression, expansion and de-essing processes, whether you’re mixing or mastering, in the studio or live. Each of the six floating bands features advanced EQ and dynamic controls that let you zero in on any problem spot – and treat it only when the problem arises.

Rather than treating a frequency one time and leaving it there for the entire track, F6’s EQ settings are sensitive to the dynamics of your track. This way you can select not only by how much, but also precisely when a specific frequency will be boosted or cut, compressed or expanded.

With the F6, you can EQ more precisely, with filters that can be as narrow or as wide as you like, free-floating bands that can overlap, variable EQ shapes, and threshold-sensitive EQ settings. F6 is ideal for isolating specific problems on individual tracks and fixing them transparently only when they pop out. The plugin’s advanced mid-side processing capabilities give you even greater ability to carve out EQ space in a busy mix, so you can breathe more life into your mixes.


  • Precision EQ triggered by a built-in dynamic processor
  • 6 floating bands that can be placed anywhere in the spectrum
  • Powerful EQ and compression/expansion controls per band
  • Advanced sidechaining, parallel compression and mid-side processing
  • High and low pass filters; bell and notch EQ shapes
  • Each band features a solo/sidechain monitor
  • Touch-compatible
  • Zero latency and low CPU consumption
  • Equally effective for studio and live mixing

Now with a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer!

Get a visual map of your audio with the feature-rich frequency spectrum analyzer, easily accessible from the main F6 interface:

  • FFT-based RTA
  • Adjustable reaction speed
  • Adjustable resolution
  • Diverse monitoring options
  • RMS vs. peak response
  • Moving average & peak curve
  • Pre-EQ, post-EQ, sidechain
  • White & pink noise slopes
  • Cursor position displays frequency, note & RTA amplitude


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5.0 of 5  
24.01.2018 Sprache: deutsch

Der F6 ist nicht nur der klassische Equalizer, sondern reagiert auf Dynamikschwankungen im Track. Das finde ich super, um einen aufgeräumteren Mix zu bekommen. Sicherlich nicht mein Standard-Equalizer, aber in vielen Mixingsituationen für mich mittlerweile ein tolles Werkzeug

5.0 of 5  
05.09.2017 Sprache: deutsch

Bin sehr zufrieden

5.0 of 5  
01.07.2017 Sprache: deutsch

Sehr guter dynamischer EQ. Einfach zu bedienen, doch äusserst flexibel.



  • Windows 7 (SP 64 bit) / Windows 8.1 (64 bit) / Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon / AMD Quad-Core
  • 8 GB Ram
  • Host Programm required: VST, AAX native, 64-bit, or SoundGrid System
  • Please check for details and latest information HERE !!!


  • Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4
  • Intel Core i5 / i7 / Xeon
  • 8 GB Ram
  • Host Programm required: Audiosuite, VST, AAX native, 64-bit, or SoundGrid System
  • Please check for details and latest information HERE !!!

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