The french company Flux founded in 2006 by the well-known mastering engineer Gael Martinet to make the plug-ins, of which he has always dreamed of while working as a mastering engineer.

Precision Tool for Equalizing & Filtering
Multi Band Dynamic Processor for Mastering & Re-Mastering
Single Band Dynamics Processor for Mastering applications
Syrah - a new generation dynamics processor.
Pure Compressor
Pure Compressor - Precision With Full Control
Pure DCompressor
Recover the original dynamics of an Audio Signal
Pure Expander
Remove disturbing noise or roomeffects from signals
Pure DExpander
Pure De-Expander increases the low-level of a signal
Pure Limiter
Transparent Dynamics Control
Mastering Pack
High-end plug-ins for audio mastering
Full Pack 2
Full pack plug-in bundle with all FLUX effects
SPAT Revolution Essential
Real-time 3D-Audio Mixing Engine for everyone
IRCAM Trax V3 Bundle
The Next Generation Voice and Sonic Processing Tools
SPAT Revolution Ultimate
Real-time 3D-audio mixing engine
EVO Channel
The Ultimate Channel Strip redefined
Flux Analyzer Metering
Software-based real-time analyzer
IRCAM Studio Bundle
Plug-in Bundle with IRCAM technology!
IRCAM Verb Session
The little brother of the IRCAM VERB for a lower price.
The Immersive Essentials
Three powerful processing tools
Elixir Essential
Immersive mixing and content production
Studio Session Analyzer
The lite version of Flux Analyzer
Phase rotation, polarity invert and alignment processing
Flux Analyzer Multichannel Option
Multichannel Extension for Pure Analyzer
Flux Analyzer Live Option
Flux Analyzer Live Extension
Jünger Audio Level Magic 5.1
Surround capable Real Time & Offline Loudness Processor