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Take your favorite Plug-ins on the road!

Gig Performer 3 is the most bulletproof, flexible, easy to use, and CPU friendly plug-in host on the market. Created by brilliant musician-engineers and road-tested on countless gigs, Gig Performer thrives on stage. Whether you’re a keyboard player with a huge virtual piano-synth rig, a guitar player with multiple massive effects racks, or a front of house engineer running sound through an array of compressors and EQs, Gig Performer makes it all happen.

Through a new innovation called Rackspaces, Gig Performer lets you load many dozens of plug-ins simultaneously, with customizable and MIDI-learnable controls. Create multiple Rackspaces and switch between them instantly with zero glitches in the sound! Not only can you set up a different Rackspace for each song in a set list, you can switch between multiple Rackspaces within a song. Thanks to its instant response and glitch-free switching your only limit is your creativity. Gig Performer’s impressive list of cutting edge features allow you to control multiple instruments, layer sounds and employ authentic effects easily, with little power usage, on both Mac and Windows computers.

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  • Audio file player capable of playing up to eight audio files individually or simultaneously. Use it as a backing track player and for looping short samples. Seamlessly switch from one track to another while performing. Supported formats include AIF, WAV and MP3
  • Instant Switching: Switch between Rackspaces instantly and with zero glitches!
  • Low CPU Usage: The programmers spent countless hours making sure that Gig Performer uses as few CPU cycles as possible.
  • Built-in Tuner: If you need to tune your instrument quickly, Gig Performer's built-in tuner is accurate, large and just a click, tap or push away.
  • MIDI & OSC Support: Use your existing MIDI and OSC devices and apps. Map any control to any controllable parameter.
  • MIDI Clock Sync: Slave Gig Performer from your external DAW or MIDI device.
  • Cross Platform: Works on OS X and Windows devices. Your GIG files can be opened on both platforms.
  • Advanced MIDI Functions: Associate specific MIDI devices with particular plugins easily and visually. Use transpose, channel mapping, MIDI out settings and more.
  • User Friendly: Gig Performer is user-friendly. You will be able to create complete setups in no time.
  • Flexible: Connect any plugin to any other plugin in any configuration. Parallel or serial—no AUX busses needed.
  • Variation Support: Easily create variations of your Rackspace. Switch between variations seamlessly— even while holding notes or chords on your keyboard or guitar.

Features in Version 3

  • Songs and setlists

  • Song parts — share plug-in instances between songs

  • ChordPro support

  • Bidirectional MIDI control support

  • Ableton Link integration

  • MIDI recorder

Sound Design Made Easy

No more confusing busses, sends, auxes or inserts used by traditional channel-strip approaches. Using the front and back panel views, simply connect plugins to each other any way you want, then custom-design Panels to control each Rackspace. You can then design a number of Variations, which allow multiple sets of settings for a single Rackspace and switch instantly between them. For instance, if you create a Rackspace consisting of an electric piano and some effects (phase, reverb, tremolo) then you can switch instantly from fast deep tremolo, to slow mellow tremolo plus reverb, and so on, even while still holding notes. Plus, you can customize your Panels using a variety of available widgets (knobs, switches, levers, LEDs), and color-coded face plates.


Gig Performer Workstation ImageGig Performer runs on both OSX and MS Windows so you can enjoy its benefits on whichever platform you are most familiar. You’ll also enjoy full OSC support. You can use touch surfaces such as Lemur or TouchOSC to control Gig Performer, as well as applications such as Max for even more sophisticated control. Gig Performer supports VST formats on both OSX and MS Windows, as well as the AU format on OSX.

Gig Performer makes the most of your plugins whether you’re using it to control the effects processing of your instrument, your voice, or both simultaneously. You can also use Gig Performer with your existing environment, by training it to recognize the controls on your keyboards, OSC apps, MIDI expression pedals and control surfaces, and then use them to control plugin parameters. Of course, you’ll also enjoy expected features such as layering and splitting operations (keyboard zones), and individual transposition.

If you’re serious about your live rig, your live rig needs Gig Performer.

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5.0 of 5  
10.07.2017 Language: englisch

Gig Performer is one of the best invention for live keyboard performers!Bundle form is perfect solution to me, as I use multiple computers to play :-)


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