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hb1 Midi Breath Station

hb1 Midi Breath Station

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The ultimate Breath Controller for LIVE and STUDIO performance - adds "Life" to all your static sounds and libraries!

The hb1 MIDI Breath Station enables you to regulate any electronic instrument or peripheral device with MIDI or USB-port. The special wooden mouth piece, a precision sensor and the combination of a MIDI-merger, an integrated MIDI-interface and the innovative parameters create the premise for a high precision and highly sensitive performance of your ideas, in studio or live.

Ten of the twelve parameters allow an adaption of various details and impulses in your music. For instance, the adjustable “Release” allows breathing in without a gap in the sound.The “Dynamic Attack” parameter allows for sensitive sound control, even in the finest pianissimo. In multi mode you can use up to four hb1 presets simultaneously and with this feature it is possible to control up to four MIDI CCs streams independently. Realtime data reduction, Inversion and Limitation of the signal and, of course, Drive and Offset are all a part of the setting options.

Each parameter can be saved in 25 presets. Additionally, the breath-data is displayed constantly on the Breath-Value Display. The hb1 approach is innovative and progresses far beyond the possibilities of a common breath controller. Through the integration of standard MIDI and USB-ports, the hb1 functions with or without a computer. The hb1 is hand-crafted in Germany with great attention to detail as well as with a focus on the aspect of sustainability.


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The hb1 is composed of a controller unit and an extremely accurate pressure sensor unit which is connected to the mouthpiece by a silicon hose and to the controller unit by a sensor cable. Two mouthpieces are supplied in different sizes so that the most comfortable can be chosen for use.

MundstückeThe mouthpiece, made of precious wood from the wild service tree, is mounted onto a stainless steel tube in which the sliding adjustable air intake valve can be adjusted as needed. The pressure sensor unit may be worn hung by a leather cord around the neck with the mouthpiece between the lips. The hb1 includes a Neck Set which enables the mouthpiece to be set in a fixed position in front of the mouth. This is particularly helpful for live performances. The hb1 Neck Set is made from a flexible but robust metal tube which can be easily shaped and adapted for the musician's comfort and musical needs.

NecksetAny keyboard (or a MIDI guitar, etc) can be connected by its MIDI OUT to hb1 over its MIDI IN. This means that the merged Midi data of the keyboard and the hb1 data are accessible on the MIDI OUT and USB OUT. The MIDI OUT of the hb1 can also be directly connected over the MIDI IN to a synthesizer or over the USB port of a computer. The hb1 provides an additional MIDI OUT 2 through its integrated USB MIDI-interface.

See the following connection diagram:

AnschlussdiagrammItems included:

  • Controller unit
  • Pressure sensor unit
  • Two mouthpieces, made of precious wood of the wild service tree
  • One stainless steel tube with an adjustable air intake valve
  • hb1 Neck Set
  • Silicone hose
  • 2 m sensor cable (4-pole)
  • 1.8 m USB cable
  • 5V USB power supply unit
  • Cleaning swab for the mouthpiece
  • Wool felt carrying case

The Manul can be found in the "More Infos" Section!

Minimum System Requirements for use with computer:
1 x USB 2.0 Port, works with any standard operating system,
Recommendation: use current operating systems, no driver installation necessary (Plug&Play).



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Sprache: deutsch
5.0 of 5

Ich nehme das Produkt als Regler für (zumeist klassische) Instrumentationen (Fl, Sax, Strings etc.). Hervorragende Qualität, übersichtlich und gut durchdacht. Lediglich das manual würde ich etwas didaktisch überarbeiten (Beispiele, damit der Laie sofort Vorstellungen formen kann). Zwar teuer - aber das lohnt sich im work flow...

Sprache: deutsch
5.0 of 5

ein sehr innovatives Gerät, was man nur weiterempfehlen kann.

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