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Unfortunately Hollywood Brass Diamond is no longer available.


Here is a list of similar products you can choose from! 

Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended
Collection of 12 Orchestral Brass Instruments & 9 Ensembles
Chris Hein Horns Compact
Brass & Woodwinds library for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band, Funk
Hollywood Orchestra Diamond
Diamond Bundle HW Strings, Brass, Winds and Percussion
Brass I
Brass solo and ensemble with great articulation
MOJO 2 Horn Section
The Ultimate Pro Horn Collection
FORZO: Modern Brass
Orchestral Brass Virtual Instrument
Collection of Scoring Brass Instruments
Broadway Lites
Compact version of "Broadway Big Band" to a favourable price
Orchestral Brass Classic
Classic Brass library für film, TV or game composers