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Mix Temple Pro - English
release date: 01.03.2019

Mix Temple Pro - English

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Mix Temple Pro Header

 Mix better with MIX TEMPLE PRO for Logic Pro X
 by Mixed by Marc Mozart

What do you need for a good mix? Easy! It’s audio know-how and creativity - but first and foremost: you need a solid mix preparation.

You know this: Looking for the right compressor for your vocals or the right EQ for your low-end is not only killing creativity but also heavily time-consuming. This is why Marc Mozart has developed MIX TEMPLE PRO: A time-saving, creativity-boosting audio-workflow-template specially made for Logic Pro X.

What’s true for analogue gear is also true for Logic Pro X: Your rack must be ready to go whenever creativity strikes: Be it compressors, EQs or FX: All your tools should already be set up - and with Mix Temple PRO, Marc Mozart has done all the work for you.

Based on his Mixing-Besteller “YOUR MIX SUCKS“ Marc Mozart translates his mixing best practices into a convenient mixing template specially made for Logic Pro X. On top, MIX TEMPLE PRO comes with the Marc Mozart “Halls of Fame“ Reverb plug-in featuring IRs of 5 famous hardware reverbs.

MIX TEMPLE PRO saves you from the tiring process of mix preparation, yet it will leave all options to take this template as a starting point for your very own mix.

At a glance:

  • Halls of Fame Reverbs - MIX TEMPLE PRO comes with the Marc Mozart Edition of “Halls of Fame“ Reverb plug-in featuring IRs of 5 famous hardware reverbs

  • Stay creative - There are (hardly) any wrong mixing decisions: Be creative, try new workflows and mix more intuitively.

  • Safe time - Marc Mozart’s channel strips are the starting point for your next mix. Mix Temple PRO comes with audio-signal-chains matching various instruments and operates with Logic Pro X’s. own audio-tools.

  • Stay in control - No worries: Mix Temple PRO won’t make the actual mix for you. The workflow is based on Marc Mozart’s mixing bible “YOUR MIX SUCKS“ but you can always alter and individualize the routings.

Works great with Logic Pro X stock plugins

Logic Pro X comes with some incredible plugins - those unfold their full potential inside MIX TEMPLE PRO. The Pultec, Neve and API-EQs inside Logic Pro X 10.4 as well as the different compressor models are excellent mix tools. You can definitely mix with Logic Pro X without any 3rd party plugins.

3rd Party Plugins

Mix Temple PRO supports plugins by the the following companies:

  • Native Instruments Komplete

  • iZotope Ozone / Neutron / Nectar

  • Waves Audio with options for CLA MixHub

  • Slate Digital

  • Softube / Console One

  • SSL Native v6 


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