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Modern U
release date: 06.02.2020

Modern U

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A deeply sampled Studio Upright Piano

Modern times call for a modern virtual piano: Highly detailed and intimate, clean and crisp, a new piano sampled with the finest gear in a modern space, able to shine or blend in as desired. A realistic precise response using any controller, plus sophisticated controls and presets with tweakability rarely seen in a virtual piano. High res graphics, deep sampling and scripting but easy on the system. VILabs is happy to introduce the Modern U, sampled from a brand new popular studio upright piano with a modern approach. It's just an upright you say. Why sample an upright instead of a grand? Prepare to be amazed.

VILabs love uprights too, and the Modern U is sampled and treated with the same level of care and extreme detail as they'd give to the finest concert grand library. Uprights have traditionally been a compromise over the more desirable grands, but for many situations their unique character just can't be beat. The large studio uprights, or 'upright grands', are a perfect balance in qualities of both piano types. With the line blurred between upright and grand, it’s easy to ignore the distinction and simply enjoy this great piano. Crystal clear hammer attacks, six microphones, unique Sordino soft pedal, Muted Strikes, staccato Release Trails, real Resonance and many other features all bring this modern upright to life. If the usual piano tones are too usual and it's time for the unique, the Modern U may be the one. This is truly a pianist's virtual piano.

Modern U GUI Screen

Key Features

  • Six discrete phase-aligned fully mixable microphones with interactive mic display. Modern mics and gear with diverse perspectives cover every way of recording an upright front and back, close and far.

  • Real deeply sampled resonance for both pedal down and sympathetic resonance types. Powerful scripting recreates real pedal resonance behavior adding complex depth and sustain to the tone, all fully adustable.

  • Over 23,000 samples composing 55GB of wave data in a small 6GB file. Huge library, small footprint thanks to lossless compression and complex scripting. This also means fast loading and efficient CPU usage.

  • Complete control of up to 5 pedals including our new Sordino pedal. Repedal and adjustable Half pedal features included. Sostenuto, Soft pedal, plus Muted Strikes and Sordino all make for a highly expressive piano.

  • New MIDI panel with unique split controls for both timbre and volume. High resolution discrete tables and controls allow custom curves for any response imaginable. Many presets included, or create your own.

  • 1,400 release samples per mic including staccato releases that respond to the quickest playing, no articulations needed. Release samples capture the resonant ring of the upright piano and are crucial for realism.

Modern U GUI Screen 2

More Advanced Features

Control and customize everything. Click on each image to read more.

  • Detailed Release Trails - We use 1,400 Release Trail samples for every microphone that respond to velocity and time, including true staccato strike releases.

  • Muted Strike Samples - Discrete samples taken of the strings muted for a very short percussive attack. Switch from Muted Strikes to normal in real time.

  • Complete Sound Control - Customize your mic mix further with tools such as Tone, 3 Band EQ, Timbre Shift, Stereo Width along with 37 high quality convolution reverbs.

  • Smart Presets - Presets can load mic samples and settings or settings only for versatility. Over 20 factory presets included, or make your own.

  • Key and Pedal Noises - Sampled key noise on every key with authentic upright thump, plus velocity-sensitive sampled pedal noise on sustain, soft and sordino pedals.

  • Additional Features - Sampled silent strikes, repetition strikes, tuning and polyphony controls plus a built-in interactive info help panel complete the massive feature set.

Features Summary

  • Over 23,000 pristine samples stored in a small 6.5GB library, originally 55GB in wave format, thanks to lossless FLAC compression.
  • 100% sample-based, no modeling or synthesis used.
  • Very efficient use of RAM and CPU resources.
  • 6 discrete microphone setups with a menu-based interactive interface
  • Unique Sordino Pedal for a soft ethereal tonal option
  • Fully sample-based Sympathetic and Pedal Resonance
  • Adjustable Sympathetic Resonance polyphony
  • Repedal and True Pedal Action for realistic sustain pedal control
  • Half-pedal mode is sample-based and fully adjustable
  • Muted Strikes samples with a percussive attack and short decay
  • Customizable MIDI and Dynamics response
  • 37 pristine Convolution Reverbs included with deep controlability
  • 1,400 release samples per microphone including true stacatto trails
  • Powerful Stereo Width and Timbre Shift controls
  • Tuning panel includes many presets and supports micro-tuning
  • Easy computer-based activation. Use on up to 3 machines at a time with no dongle required.


The following reviews have been placed by customers who also bought this product from us. All reviews are provided through eKomi, Europe’s largest independent customer review company.

5.0 of 5  
10.04.2020 Language: englisch

Un ottimo piano verticale, un bel colpo da VI labs. Un po' costoso ma molto curato.

5.0 of 5  
16.02.2020 Sprache: deutsch

Excellent samples and very precise modelling, excellent playability


UVI Powered

The latest UVI Workstation 3 is included in this virtual instrument!
More information about UVI Workstation and the latest version (free download) is available HERE


  • Stand Alone application for Mac and PC
  • VST for Mac and PC (Cubase and other VST compatible sequencers)
  • AAX native (Pro Tools) on Mac and PC
  • Audio Units (Logic Pro and other AU compatible sequencers)
  • "Falcon" compatible

UVI Workstation 3 system requirements:

57.8 MB of disk space (Mac Installer: 233 MB ; Windows64 Installer: 266 MB)

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.8 to macOS 10.15 Catalina (64-bit)
  • Windows 8 to Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hard Drive: 7,200 rpm recommended or Solid State Drive (SSD)

4GB RAM (8 GB+ highly recommended for large UVI Soundbanks)


iLok License

This product requires an activation!
You can either "soft" activate on your computer without addditional hardware or transfer the license to an iLok USB dongle which has to be purchased separately. The iLok dongle can be used to run the protected software on different computers. Your licenses can be easily manged using the iLok Licence Manager. To protect your investment against theft or loss we recommend the iLok Zero Downtime protection with TLC.

An internet connection on any computer and a free user-accout at is required to authorize the product.

Please check with the software manufacturer which iLok version is required at least if you want to use a hardware iLok!