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Unfortunately Möbius Filter is no longer available.


Here is a list of similar products you can choose from! 

Naughty Bundle
Trash 2 Expanded, Excalibur & Mobius Filter
MIA Complete Bundle
ALL MIA plugins, at a fantastic price!
Pi and Phi MkII
"Phase and Time EQ" - Confused? Well, hear for yourself.
Musiqual Super Bundle
Three Musiqual EQs & three One-Knob-Style Plug-ins
Musiqual Red SE
The tube sound you always wanted
Musiqual Green SE
Add or subtract that analogue 1990’s colour
Creative filter tool with lots of modulations
eMo F2 Filter
Easy, intuitive, instantly great sound
Analog-sounding filter plug-in
DDLY Dynamic Delay
Get a cleaner, more complex sound with DDLY!