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Ultimate Precision Opto Compressor

P&M OptoMax is a state of the art plug-in for use in your favorite digital audio workstation. P&M OptoMax is designed to give you precision dynamic control over any type of media whether its vocals, drums or entire compositions. The plug-ins intuitive user interface allows for effortless control over compression levels, and frequency side-chaining, as well as other crucial sonic analysis tools.

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Product Features

  • Threshold: Sets the input level at which compression will begin.

  • Input Level: Adjusts the level of the input signal.

  • GR Meter: Shows the amount of gain reduction being applied to the input signal.

  • Makeup Gain: Sets the amount of gain applied to the signal after compression.

  • Attack: Sets how long the compressor takes to kick in once the input signal exceeds the threshold.

  • Ratio: Fixed values for accurate instrument and bus compression.

  • Release: Sets how long it takes for the compression to stop once the signal has dropped below the threshold.

  • Surround: Complex stereo widening effect, expands the sonic depth and presence of the output audio

  • Dry Input: Adds the unprocessed, direct signal to the mix for serial or parallel processing. Turn Dry Mix On/Off by clicking the button below the knob.

  • Tube: Restores warmth and detail lost during digital compression.

  • Lookahead: Turns on Compressor’s Lookahead feature enabling it to duck the sound earlier than a triggering peak appears.

  • Surround: Increases stereo imaging and depth of field.

  • Clipper: For limiting your signal’s overall output.

  • Peak: Displays the Peak decibel or RMS level.

System Requirements

Windows: Windows 7 and above, Pentium IV 2GHz, Athlon XP 2GHz, 2 GB RAM, 32 & 64 bit Support, Up to 5 computers authorisation

Mac: Intel Mac, OS X 10.7 or above (10.9 or above recommended under official support remit), 2 GB RAM, 32 & 64 bit Support, Up to 5 computers authorisation


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