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Our current newsletter from 14.12.2018

Dear Customer,

As soon as the Black Friday Marathon is over, the Christmas Sales season starts: Big Fish, Vir2, Waves and many more. But also we may present many new products to you today, e.g. "Lyrical Violin Phrases" by Sonuscore, MusicLab´s "RealStrat 5" or Toontrack´s new EZX Extension "Custom Shop". 

With Rigid Audio we would like to welcome a new manufacturer!

To all owners of Toontrack "Superior Drummer 2" we would like to point out that the upgrade to the ingenious "Superior Drummer 3" will be only available until the end of the year. And as long as stocks last, you get exclusively from us (for a small surcharge) the ~ 220GB library delivered on a portable USB 3 hard drive for quick installation!
BTW. as an EZdrummer owner you can also crossgrade to "Superior Drummer 3" and save!

Toontrack SD 3 Upgrade end of sale

neue Deals

Big Fish Audio Christmas Sale

Big Fish Audio Christmas Sale

Save up to 70% on selected Big Fish Audio & Vir2 products until December 26th!

Zero-G Splash SALE ONE

Zero-G Splash SALE ONE

60% OFF until December 16th


  • Alien Skies
  • Distant Lights
  • Heavy Industry
  • Outer Limits
  • Perception

WAVES Deal Of The Day

WAVES Deal Of The Day

Save up to 90% Off WAVES plugins and bundles!

Changing daily - as long as stocks last

PlugIn Winter Sale: AirMusic | Harrison | Sonivox | IrcamLab

PlugIn Winter Sale: Air | Harrison | Sonivox | IrcamLab

Selected Plug-ins with high price reductions until year´s end by

  • Air Music
  • IrcamLab
  • Harrison Consoles
  • Sonivox Premier Collection Upgrade
    This is an upgrade to the Premier Collection for existing SONiVOX users. You must own at least one SONiVOX product. Upgrade now for only € 49 instead of € 149

McDSP Flash Sale EC-300 & AE600

McDSP Flash Sale EC-300 & AE600

Until December 17th only - Flash Sale McDSP

  • EC-300 HD v6   instead of € 229 now only € 99
  • EC-300 Native v6   instead of € 179 now only € 79
  • AE600 Active EQ HD v6   instead of € 279 now only € 69
  • AE600 Active EQ Native v6   instead of € 229 now only € 49

Sonible Xmas Special

Sonible Xmas Special

Awesome Sonible EQs reduced by up to 60%, by years-end

Bitwig Winter Special

Bitwig Winter Special

Dynamic software for creating and performing your musical ideas - new at Best Service

As of now and until the end of this year Bitwig Studio 2.5 is available at a special price of € 279 (regular € 379).

Audionamix Christmas Sale

Audionamix Christmas Sale

Up to 67% OFF Audionamix plug-ins until January 7th

Accusonus Holiday Sale

Accusonus Holiday Sale

UIp to 50% OFF during Accusonus Holiday Sale until end of the year

Eventide Anthology XI Xmas Special

Eventide Anthology XI Xmas Special

Anthology XI is comprised of 23 plug-ins based on over 45 years of Eventide studio mainstays, as well as current and future classics. From channel strips to reverbs to multi-effects, Anthology XI has tools to make every day tasks easier and to fire your imagination.

Get Eventide´s Anthology XI until years end for only € 699

ending soon

Synchro Arts Deal of the Year

Synchro Arts Deal of the Year

Sync and save

Revoice Pro 4, VocALign Pro 4, VocALign Project 3 and Upgrades,
cheaper than ever

ending Sunday December 16th!



New Releases

RealStrat 5

RealStrat 5 - MusicLab - 139,00 €

The Fender Stratocaster is the most popular electric guitar from the 50s till nowadays. It has been used by many leading guitarists, and thus can be heard on many historic recordings. RealStrat sample-based virtual instrument faithfully reproduces the Stratocaster(R) sound from both the sonic and playability perspectives. The advanced technology gives its users the freedom to create everything from simple strumming techniques to the most sophisticated solos.
Upgrade RealStrat 5

Upgrade RealStrat 5 - MusicLab - 55,00 €

With the upgrade to version 5, you will not only expand your Realstrat Library with numerous new features in terms of playability. This time you'll also find a second Strat including a brand new sample set, four patches and two tunings.

Hypernode - Rigid Audio - 229,00 €

“Hypernode” is a fully modular Electronic Music Arranger with a collection of over 300 Kontakt Mulit-Instruments made from over 600 factory sounds (24 bit, 44 khz), ranging from keys and guitars to synthesizer waveforms and hybrids.
Padstation I

Padstation I - Rigid Audio - 52,00 €

Padstation is a dual layer ROMpler with 2 x 200 outstanding and perfectly looped cinematic pad sounds. It features 200 hybrid synthesizer pads like strings, choirs, textures and sweeps.
Padstation II

Padstation II - Rigid Audio - 72,00 €

Padstation II comes with more than 400 multisampled pads, including all sounds from Padstation I. This 5GB library will truly satisfy all your pad needs!
Ambiloop Vol. 1

Ambiloop Vol. 1 - Rigid Audio - 37,00 €

Ambiloop Volume 1 contains over 100 cinematic Electronica & Ambient Construction Kits divided into four categories - Bass, Pad, Ambient and Groove. In addition, Ambiloop offers 60 different IR´s (Impulse Response files) for KONTAKT´s Convolution Reverb.
Ambiloop Vol. 2

Ambiloop Vol. 2 - Rigid Audio - 37,00 €

Ambiloop Volume 2 is the perfect complement to Volume 1 and provides you with additional Electronica & Ambient Construction Kits. Ambiloop Volume 2 also offers 60 different IR´s (Impulse Response files) for KONTAKT´s Convolution Reverb.
Bitwig Studio 2

Bitwig Studio 2 - Bitwig - 279,00 €

Bitwig Studio inspires you to take greater control of your music, giving you access to every aspect of your production. Streamline your creative process and quickly evolve your ideas into complete songs, tracks, and compositions. Record and arrange, improvise and perform, or do it all at once. Welcome to the next generation of music creation and performance software.

Pigments - Arturia - 139,00 €

Taking that spark of imagination and transforming it into sound is the most fundamental, exhilarating part of creating music. Pigments makes that process natural, intuitive, and colorful.
Dave Audé Producer Pack

Dave Audé Producer Pack - Waves - 145,00 €

Eight plugins hand-picked by Grammy-winning music producer Dave Audé (Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Sting), featuring a versatile selection of virtual instruments, effects and mixing tools for your music production needs
Flow Motion FM Synth

Flow Motion FM Synth - Waves - 35,00 €

Design deep basses, screaming leads, rich pads and growling FX. Hybrid FM synth, featuring an intuitive graphic interface that makes FM synthesis playful and easy, an innovative 16-step snapshot sequencer, and a rich library of over 1000 presets
EZX Custom Shop

EZX Custom Shop - Toontrack - 59,00 €

Custom Shop EZX offers some of the rarest and most sought after handmade drums in the world, recorded by producer Joe Blaney and drummer Stephen Belans at Brooklyn Recording Studio, New York. Only hand-picked drums with tom sizes from 10" to 18", made of different woods and metal materials and of course an exquisite selection of cymbals were used for a wide and versatile sound palette.
Throne: Hip Hop Hits

Throne: Hip Hop Hits - Big Fish Audio - 129,00 €

From deep 808’s and punchy drum beats to iconic synths and keyboards, Throne offers drag and drop simplicity as a means to producing a hit. Also included in the 50 fully broken-out construction kits are drum stems, drum one-shots, and MIDI files for some of the melodic content giving you full control over the sound of these tracks.
Sequoia Drones

Sequoia Drones - Umlaut Audio - 47,00 €

The idea behind Sequoia was to create sounds with organic yet hard to define texture that can add tone and color to many styles and production in film music. Sequoia features warm, dark, eerie, non-static and organic evolutions and can be used as a Soundpack or inside NI´s Kontakt.

I2C8 - Re-Compose - 59,00 €

I2C8 is an innovative real-time MIDI generator and MIDI sequence generator for both studio and live application, featuring a unique and highly interactive user interface.
Lyrical Violin Phrases

Lyrical Violin Phrases - Sonuscore - 99,00 €

Lyrical Violin Phrases covers a variety of styles, from melodic passages and ethnic phrases to unique double-strings, trills, sul ponticelli and other techniques. Pressing a key instantly evokes the characteristic, unmistakeably human touch that can be adjusted in key, speed, length, succession and connection of phrases.




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