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Dear customer, 

The eBook YOUR MIX SUCKS by Marc Mozart quickly grew to be a worldwide top reference for modern mixing techniques. That´s why you can now also buy this mixing knowledge at Best Service. We even make this a no brainer for you by offering it at an unbeatable 50% OFF introductory price!
As an additional bonus, you also gain access to a 1 year FREE MIX FEEDBACK for your productions by the author! You can send Marc your finished mixes through a secure platform, and he will get back to you with feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

Furthermore we are excited to welcome the German based AIR Music Technology at Best Service. AIR Music Technology, formerly known as Wizoo Sound Design, were one of the pioneers of virtual instrument design.

Your Mix Sucks - Intro Offer

Your Mix Sucks -  Intro Offer

"Your Mix Sucks" by Marc Mozart, international bestseller that helps to improve your mixes in 10 easy to apply chapters. Introductory offer at half price!

 Until February 19th for only € 25.-

Available in English, German and Spanish

AirTech Welcome Offer

AirTech Welcome Offer

We welcome AirTech at Best Service with a whopping 85% discount on Velvet and DB 33!

And the best part about this deal is, that you can still upgrade both products with Expansion Packs. And you probably already guesssed it, these are discounted by 50%!

iZotope Up- Crossgrade Promotion

iZotope Up- Crossgrade Promotion

Special promotion until January 30th for all existing iZotope owners. This is a great way to up- or crossgrade any existing product to iZotopes latest mixing and mastering line!

UVI Orchestral Suite 50€/$ OFF

UVI Orchestral Suite 50€/$ OFF

Save $ 50.- on UVI Orchestral Suite until January 22nd



New Releases

Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade

Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade - AIR Music Technology - 74,00 €

The AIEP3 Complete Instrument Pack is an inspiring collection of twenty virtual instruments and progressive sound-design tools for the modern producer, composer and performer.
Expansion Pack 3 Select Upgrade

Expansion Pack 3 Select Upgrade - AIR Music Technology - 59,00 €

The AIR AIEP3 Select Instrument Pack is an inspiring collection of twelve virtual instruments and progressive sound-design tools for the modern producer, composer and performer.

DB-33 - AIR Music Technology - 9,50 €

One of these really great, unmistakable instrumental sounds is the tonewheel organ, such as the classic Hammond B3. The Hammond B3 was used by many great rock, soul and jazz artists in the 1960’s to 1980’s. Unforgettable musicians like Stevie Winwood, Jon Lord of Deep Purple, Jimmy Smith and Richard “Groove” Holmes. Great music, great sound, created on an absolutely great instrument. That’s what you want. And that’s what DB-33 Tonewheel Organ gives you.
Velvet 2

Velvet 2 - AIR Music Technology - 9,50 €

Based on the Fender Rhodes Suitcase, Fender Rhodes MK I and MK II Stage Pianos, Wurlitzer 200A and Hohner Pianet-T, Velvet accurately emulates the sound quality, response, and nuances of each original instrument to bring your piano tracks to life.
Vital Series: Sticks

Vital Series: Sticks - Vir2 (by Big Fish) - 149,00 €

Vital Series: Sticks is an expansive collection of different stick types played on various objects. In total, there are 80 different combinations of sticks and objects to fill a large variety of different musical styles and settings.
Your Mix Sucks - Deutsch

Your Mix Sucks - Deutsch - MarcMozart - 25,00 €

The Mixing Bestseller Textbook - German language only!
Your Mix Sucks - Español

Your Mix Sucks - Español - MarcMozart - 19,00 €

Desde su lanzamiento en febrero del 2015 (versión en inglés), el eBook YOUR MIX SUCKS se ha convertido en un bestseller internacional que ahora ayuda miles de personas de todo el mundo a mejorar sus mezclas mediante 10 capítulos fáciles de entender.
Your Mix Sucks - English

Your Mix Sucks - English - MarcMozart - 25,00 €

„YOUR MIX SUCKS” is THE complete methodology for the entire mixing process from preparation to delivery. In addition to the technical and artistical side of things, the book also deals with the people aspects of mixing audio, from networking to dealing with client feedback.
MGS Bundle Vol.1-5

MGS Bundle Vol.1-5 - EAST WEST - 745,00 €

The East West MIDI Guitar Instruments, from producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, differ from the current East West virtual instruments. The specially priced Bundle contains all five Volumes including Orchestra, Ethnic and Voices, Soundscapes, Guitar and Bass & Keyboards and Percussion.
EZmix-Pack Lead Vocals 2

EZmix-Pack Lead Vocals 2 - Toontrack - 35,00 €

A broad collection of presets assuring that you keep your vocals in the focal point – always and in all ways. It includes 50 unique signal chain presets, all for a pre-defined need, sound or to help remove common mix issues in regards to lead vocals in a mix.
Ozone 8 Advanced Crossgrade

Ozone 8 Advanced Crossgrade - iZotope - 195,00 €

Ozone 8 Advanced Crossgrade for registered User of any iZotope Standard or Advanced Product
Ozone 8 Crossgrade

Ozone 8 Crossgrade - iZotope - 95,00 €

Ozone 8 Crossgrade for registered User of any iZotope Standard oder Advanced Produkt
Neutron 2 Advanced Crossgrade

Neutron 2 Advanced Crossgrade - iZotope - 195,00 €

Neutron 2 Advanced Crossgrade for registered User of any iZotope Standard or Advanced Product
Neutron 2 Crossgrade

Neutron 2 Crossgrade - iZotope - 95,00 €

Neutron 2 Crossgrade for registered User of any iZotope Standard or Advanced Produkt
Motion Cinematic Grooves

Motion Cinematic Grooves - Paris Sampling - 49,00 €

Motion Cinematic Grooves is a cinematic, hybrid scoring tool designed to give composers instantly inspiring rhythmic soundscapes that will immediately add drive and impact to cinematic compositions. Motion consists of more than 1000 organic rhythms created from electric violin, contrabass, and electric bass, put through extensive sound design processes.
VSL Katalog print

VSL Katalog print - VSL All Products - 0,00 €

Kramer HLS Channel

Kramer HLS Channel - Waves - 38,00 €

Developed in association with legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, the HLS Channel was meticulously modeled on a Helios mixing console. In addition to modeling the Helios EQs with their sweet saturation, high-end presence, and fat low-frequency boost, Waves even modeled the unique behavior, coloration, and drive of the console’s preamps.




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