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Our current newsletter from 12.10.2017

Dear customer,

This week we are proud to introduce two new products from our long time partners VSL and MusicLab to you. With the release of RealGuitar 5 with new samples and features MusicLab also decided to permanently lower the prices for ALL their E-GUITARS by 30%!

VSL on the other hand presents the first String Library recorded with the signature ambience of one of the best sounding scoring stages in the world, the Synchron Stage Vienna. And to celebrate this new arrival, they also offer a 20% or 30% discount on all other VSL Strings!


RealGuitar 5 NEW Banner

Musiclab had us waiting for a long time, but now finally RealGuitar 5 has been released.

The brand-new version includes two guitar sets. First the original RealGuitar samples and second a new comprehensive collection of steel string samples from different guitars and tunings. Also the brand new Multi Performance Mode gives you a vast amount of new features and possibilities in RealGuitar 5.


VSL Early Bird Offer

VSL Early Bird Banner EN

If you purchase* Synchron Strings I (Standard Library or Full Library) before the official release in November 2017, you save 30% off the regular price.

* You will receive your license (Activation Code) right after your purchase and will be able to download the product from MyVSL as soon as it becomes available in November, 2017.


VSL - 20% – Or Even 30% – Off All Strings!

VSL All Strings Promo EN

During the month of October you’ll save 20% when purchasing Vienna’s existing String Collections and Bundles! And even better, when you order any of the products listed below together with Synchron Strings I, you’ll receive an additional discount of 10%* off these string products!

The price of the Vienna Super Package has been lowered accordingly.

* due to technical reasons best service will refund you the additional 10% after the purchase!

T-RackS 5 Einführungsangebote

T-RackS 5 Einführungsangebote Banner

IK-Multimedia proudly presents the newest Version of T-RackS!

Pre-order now and save big on purchasing one of the products:

  • T-Racks 5 MAX Bundle now only € 369 (will be € 499)

  • T-Racks 5 MAX Upgrade now only € 225 (will be € 299)

  • T-Racks 5 DeLuxe now only € 225 (will be € 299)

  • T-Racks 5 now only € 115 (will be € 149)


This Friday  - Zero G Autumn Sale

Zero G Herbst Sale

40% off everything, except the following which will be 20% off:

  • All Vocaloid titles
  • All Ethera titles
  • Ambient Soundware
  • Distant Lights
  • Spirit of Raga
  • Sound Bites

UVI Weekend DEAL starting Friday 13th!


30% OFF ALL* UVI Products, only valid until October 15th!

*except Vintage Vault 2 & OB Legacy


New Releases

Synchron Strings I

Synchron Strings I - VSL Instruments Collections - 405,00 €

Synchron Strings I opens a new chapter in sampled strings by combining extraordinary musicianship, engineering, recording technology and software innovation. Played by members of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, recorded at Vienna’s own Synchron Stage by top engineers, and backed by 17 years of sampling experience – Synchron Strings I is about to set a new standard in sound, playability and realism.
T-Racks 5 MAX Bundle

T-Racks 5 MAX Bundle - IK-Multimedia - 369,00 €

T-RackS 5 MAX is the full-blown collection of all 38 available T-RackS processors covering everything from vintage compressors and EQ’s to reverbs, stereo processors, saturators, precision digital tools and more.
T-Racks 5 MAX Upgrade

T-Racks 5 MAX Upgrade - IK-Multimedia - 225,00 €

Upgrade from any IK product to T-Racks 5 MAX , if you already own a IK product of a value of SRP $/€ 99.99 or more.
T-Racks 5 DeLuxe

T-Racks 5 DeLuxe - IK-Multimedia - 225,00 €

T-RackS 5 is the ultimate mix and mastering workstation from the creator of the first desktop mastering software. This Version is ideal for more demanding users, T-RackS 5 Deluxe offers 22 smartly selected modules that cover you for most mixing and mastering duties with a wide selection must-have vintage and modern EQs, Dynamics processors and more.
T-Racks 5

T-Racks 5 - IK-Multimedia - 115,00 €

T-RackS 5 is the ultimate mix and mastering workstation from the creator of the first desktop mastering software. This version is ideal for beginners or users getting into mastering for the first time since it includes the 4 new modules along with 5 additional classic T-RackS modules.
RealGuitar 5

RealGuitar 5 - MusicLab - 199,00 €

RealGuitar 5 is a sample-based virtual instrument that transforms every keyboard player into a perfect sounding guitar player. Chords played on the MIDI keyboard are automatically converted and all important chord types are recognized correctly. Keyboarders are becoming guitar virtuosos, using a variety of guitar playing techniques like strumming, picking, muting and sliding.
Upgrade RealGuitar 5

Upgrade RealGuitar 5 - MusicLab - 65,00 €

Upgrade to RealGuitar 5 from any previous version RealGuitar 1-4

Kalimba - cinesamples - 49,00 €

Cinesamples proudly presents Kalimba, a deeply sampled African Kalimba with a wide variety of sounds and textures as well as an intuitive interface.

Momentum - Impact Soundworks - 149,00 €

Momentum offers a tremendous collection of original, acoustic percussive performances just a click away. Everything was created and recorded organically. Unlike countless other rhythm/pulse libraries, these are not just synthetic elements processed with the same set of tools that everyone else uses.
Neutron 2 Advanced Update Adv.

Neutron 2 Advanced Update Adv. - iZotope - 149,00 €

Neutron 2 Advanced Update from Neutron Advanced
Neutron 2 Update

Neutron 2 Update - iZotope - 99,00 €

Neutron 2 Update from Neutron Standard




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