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When highland druids ask for a dance !

Dear Customer,

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the release of the fabulous new library "Celtic ERA" by Eduardo Tarilonte:

Celtic ERA

With Celtic ERA, Eduardo Tarilonte once again takes you to a fascinating journey through time. This time, he travels far north to the roots of the Celtic culture. Sounds having been been played in the green vastness and the high mountains of Ireland for ages are now available at your fingertips with Celtic ERA.
After creating successful libraries such as Ancient ERA Persia, Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and ERA Medieval Legends, sample-mastermind Eduardo Tarilonte has dedicated himself to the sound of Celtic myths. 

This library offers you instruments and soundscapes of highest quality. Whenever the unmistakable flutes are heard, they’ll magically enchant our dreaming minds with pictures of the green island and its majestic Northern mountains.
Hence, Celtic ERA is the pick of the bunch for film scores and background music for television documentations taking place or being settled in this region.

Celtic ERA Screen und Box

For Celtic ERA, Eduardo Tarilonte has recorded 23 brass-, string- and percussion-instruments in full detail and with immaculate quality. Find catchy flutes, dreamy harps, the famous Uilleann Pipes and the indispensable Bodhran drums. To achieve an even greater variety, some sounds have been created by recording two different instruments of the same kind. This allows you, for example, to play a harp duet without the instruments sounding identical.
In addition, authentic phrases have been recorded as MIDI-patterns as well as inspiring soundscapes. Naturally, the instruments are offered in all of their typical articulations with an added true legato function. 

Celtic ERA Video

The instruments of this roundabout 18 GB heavy library (consisting of more than 18,000 samples) are elaborated multisamples (24 bit/ 44,1 kHz) with several dynamic graduations, various articulations, round-robin- and real legato-samples as well as dedicated glissando samples. 


Celtic ERA is available now, boxed or download at Best Service and participating key dealers

The crossgrade is available until end of May 2018 for registered users of one of the following libraries:
ERA II Medieval Legends
ERA II Limited Edition
ERA II Vocal Codex
Ancient ERA Persia




New Releases

Celtic ERA

Celtic ERA - Best Service - 259,00 €

The wait is over, sample library developer Eduardo Tarilonte is back this time with a precious collection of Celtic sounds and instruments. Create your own melodies with 23 fully playable celtic instruments and 3 additional instruments from the bronze and iron age which has never been sampled before. Included are deep sampled plucked, wind, keyed and percussion instruments with numerous articulations and true legato playing styles. In addition this library comes with percussion MIDI loops, ultra-realistic strummed guitar and bouzouki MIDI Patterns as well as breathtaking soundscapes.
Celtic ERA Crossgrade

Celtic ERA Crossgrade - Best Service - 199,00 €

If you already own at least on of the following Libraries by Eduardo Tarilonte, ERA II Medieval Legends, Era II Vocal Codex or Ancient ERA Persia, you are eligible of purchasing the Crossgrade at an reduced price. With Celtic ERA, Eduardo Tarilonte once again takes you to a fascinating journey through time. This time, he travels far north to the roots of the Celtic culture. Included are 23 brass-, string- and percussion-instruments as well as three additional instruments from the Bronze Age. In addition the library comes with authentic phrases as MIDI-patterns as well as inspiring soundscapes.




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