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Pianoteq K2 Grand Piano
Pianoteq K2 Grand Piano

Pianoteq K2 Grand Piano

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Grand Piano developed especially for Pianoteq 6

K2 Virtual Grand Piano The K2 Grand Piano is developed especially for Pianoteq 6. It is not based on any specific model but created from scratch by the Modartt virtual piano factory, combining the best elements of several source pianos. Thanks to its 2.11m (6' 11") cabinet, it is a very dignified colourful sounding piano, bringing a perfect balance of warmth, brilliance and clarity. Enjoy its dark, woody character for use in a musical allround environment.

A Pianoteq licence (Stage, Standard or Pro) is required to use any of the instruments below.


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5.0 of 5  
30.05.2020 Language: englisch

I bought this to use with Grand Artist and of course the required Pianoteq. A huge number of ***’s presets are amazing, really much better that P/T’s presets. (The combination of P/T with *** is so good I never use my Kontakt, Garritan nor Sampletank pianos any more.) I, honestly didn’t like the K2 when I used the trial version, but using K2 and *** together forced me to buy the K2. By the way, *** has a free App for K2 (and a really nice free one for the Steinway D as well) and Best Services has the best price for the K2 on the internet, by far. Huge bargain for any piano ***! NOTE: Grand Artist is only available for Mac at this writing.


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