Jim Odom, musician, producer, and LSU graduate in Electrical Engineering founded PreSonus in 1995 with the goal of building professional and affordable music production tools for musicians and audio engineers.

Studio One Professional
Intuitive audio sequencer for Mac and PC version 4
Studio One Artist
Intuitive audio sequencer for Mac and PC version 4
Studio One 4 Professional / Notion Bundle
PreSonus Pro Bundle - Studio One 4 Professional & Notion 6
Studio One 4 Artist / Notion Bundle
PreSonus Artist Bundle - Studio One 4 Artist and Notion 6
Vintage 3-Band EQ
Active three-band EQ with high and low shelving filters
Notion 6
Redefining music notation
Fat Channel XT
Complete Channel Strip Plug-in
Modeling Amp and Pedalboard Plug-in
Complete Fat Channel Bundle
5 EQs and 6 Compressors for Studio One's Fat Channel XT
Classic Studio Bundle
4 unique Plugins for Studio One's Fat Channel XT
Vintage Channel Strips Bundle
Vintage inspired compressors and EQ for the ultimate Vibe
Modern Classics Bundle
3 iconic studio hardware units​ for Studio One’s Fat Channel
Classic Compressor
A does-it-all compressor for any occasion
Solar 69 EQ
Emulation des klassischen britischen EQ
The Tube Midrange EQ
Ultra-smooth Midrange EQ
Comp 160 Compressor
Simple, yet effective VCA compressor
Everest C100A Compressor
Gentle, natural-sounding Compressor
FC-670 Compressor
Iconic 50s compressor/limiter
The Tube P1B Compressor
Crystal clear optical compressor
Alpine EQ-550
1960s-vintage EQ
Studio One Professional Upgrades
Upgrades to Studio One 4 Professional
Symphonic Orchestra
Presence XT Orchestra sound library
Channel Strip Collection
Virtual channel strips for Studio One
CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper
High-end emulation of three analog mixing consoles
Artist Booster Pack
Add-on-Bundle for Studio One 3 Artist
Complete Acoustic Drum Loops
Includes Volume 2 and the Multitrack Add-on
Acoustic Drum Loops Vol. 2 - Stereo
Stereo Loop Library for Studio One
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro - Multitrack
Multitrack Loop Library for Studio One
Studio One Professional Crossgrade
Competitive crossgrade/side license for users of any DAW
Baxandall EQ
2-Band EQ with High and Low shelving
Brit Comp
Twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier
VST, AU & Rewire Support
Add-on for Studio One Artist Version 3 and 4
Goldbaby Essentials
Virtual Drums Soundset for Studio One