SEQui2R Synth
release date: 24.08.2020

SEQui2R Synth


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Analog Style Step Sequencer

SEQui2R Synth is SEQui2R’s little BIG brother and retains 99% of its predecessor’s features and has some new surprises too.

Analog Feel: SEQui2R Synth features 2 main oscillators, a Sub Oscillator and a Noise Generator. It includes around 80 waveforms divided in 8 different categories: Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle, Pulse, Mixed, Unison and Driven, and features an individual amp, pitch, filter and pulsewidth Envelopes and LFOs for each Oscillator.

Legacy Step Functions: Like its predecessor, SEQui2R Synth’s step sequencer is uniquely powerful, fun and creative. It features: Portamento mode per step, 2 Stutter modes per step, Ornamento per step, Random/Improvisation per step  & Volume, Pan, 2 Filters and Distortion per step!



  • Two separate sound engines/oscillators
  • Over 100 Snapshots/presets in 3 categories: Cinematic, Modern and Vintage.

System Requirements

Requires at least NI Kontakt 5.5, does not work with the Kontakt Player.


The system requirements can be found in the product description or on the manufacturer's website.

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