Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is a Hamburg-based company, whose product range can be found software and equipment for digital production and editing music for professional use.

Cubase Pro Upgrade
Upgrade for users of Cubase AI
Cubase Pro Competitive Crossgrade
For owners of competitive DAW products
Cubase Pro
Professional Audio Production Studio
Cubase Artist Upgrade
Upgrade for users of Cubase AI-12
Cubase Artist
Tools for composition, songwriting, recording and mixing
Cubase Elements
Your entry into the world of Cubase
Nuendo Update
For registered users of Nuendo 11
Premium media production system
Absolute 5
Steinberg’s VST Instruments Collection
Groove Agent 5
Exceptional-quality acoustic drums and percussion
Dorico Elements
Entry-level music notation
Dorico Pro
Next-generation music notation software - Version 4
Dorico Pro Crossgrade
For users of Sibelius or Finale retail
eLicenser USB Key
USB copy protection key for Steinberg software
Wavelab Pro
WaveLab, the perfect mastering solution
HALion Sonic 3
Steinberg's HALion Sonic 3 premier VST Workstation
Wavelab Elements
The smallest member of the current WaveLab product range
HALion 6
State-of-the-art sampler and Sound Creation System