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Go from shimmering bright to warm and wide with a twist of a knob! The Tonelux Tilt plug-in is a fast and easy way of making a track sit better in a mix or make it sound "warmer" or "cooler". It´s also perfect in a live situation where you need to tweak the whole mix to adjust for ear fatigue.

The Tilt Plug-in is a joint development effort between Tonelux designer Paul Wolff and Softube, bringing the famous Tonelux sound to the digital world. The innovative Tilt design was first featured on the Tonelux MP1a discrete mic preamp module and has been a godsend for engineers and producers that need to take control of their sound in a fast and effective manner.

The Tilt plug-in features not only the original Tilt design but also adds a couple of new features. A special "Live" version of the Tilt plug-in is included which is optimized for Digidesign VENUE and other live systems and contains features requested by live sound engineers. The Tilt also includes modeling of the transformer found in the MP1a mic preamp. The transformer adds a subtle distortion for bass frequencies which fattens up the low end of a track.

The Softube Tonelux Tilt plug-in is the first and only software recreation of the Tilt that is officially endorsed by Tonelux.

"Filters, phase reverse, gain: these are essential features that I use on every mix. Add the Tilt option and this plugin becomes essential on every channel!"
Brad Wood
Producer/Engineer (Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, Pete Yorn)

  • Created together with original Tonelux designer Paul Wolff.

  • Famous Tonelux Tilt control from the MP1 mic pres.

  • Loudness control: beef up or thin down your mix.

  • High and Low Pass filters, with 12 dB/oct option.

  • Modeled output transformer distortion.

  • Tilt Live plug-in included, optimized for live sound engineers.

  • Very CPU friendly



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4.0 of 5  
28.12.2014 Sprache: deutsch

ein recht einfach zu bediender EQ, kann man gut mit in den Kanalinsert stecken und schnell einen Grundcharacter einstellen; die Filtereinstellungen (die beiden Regler in der Mitte) scheinen nicht so wirkungsvoll zu sein, das ist aber kein echtes Manko. Resourcenschonend.


Audiofanzine 4.5 Stars
Audiofanzine 4.5 Stars

Bonedo 4.5 Stars

Bonedo 4.5 Stars



  • macOS 10.13 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i3 (M1 support pending)
  • RAM: 8GB
  • 1280x800 or higher display resolution


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i3 or AMD Quad-Core
  • RAM: 8GB
  • 1280x800 or higher display resolution

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