Welcome to Try-Sound

Try-Sound 2.0 is currently still in public beta. Our technology is already working perfectly well, but load balancing the servers proves a tricky task, leading to sporadic dropouts or login errors. 
Please help us imporve Try-Sound and let us know if somthing weird happens during your session. The best way to do so is by completing our survey.


With the invention of Try-Sound for the first time Best Service offers the unique possibility of testing full working virtual instruments "live" and for free in your studio or home environment. In cooperation with the trendsetting audio-network solution software DAWconnect we offer to test-play selected virtual instruments with low latency and best audio quality (depending on your internet connection) directly within your preferred Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

All currently available Try-Sound products are listed below (to be extended continously).
Please use the "filters" on the left to improve your search for instruments and libraries.

Era II Vocal Codex
Eduardo Tarilonte Vocal Codex – Voices of the past
The Orchestra
The power of a full orchestra at your fingertips
Chris Hein Solo ContraBass EXtended
Three comprehensive Solo Contrabasses!
Ancient ERA Persia
Soundcollection from forgotten places of the middle east
Dark ERA
Collection of instruments from the Dark Ages
The Orchestra Complete
The easiest way to compose epic orchestral music
Accordions 2
The biggest virtual Accordion collection available
Chris Hein Ensemble Strings
Designed Ensemble Strings Library
ERA II  Medieval Legends
A huge set of historical instruments
Celtic ERA
The authentic Sound of Celtic Myths
Chris Hein Solo Viola EXtended
Quite simply the best virtual Viola ever created
Chris Hein Solo Cello EXtended
Four fantastic sounding Solo Cello instruments
Chris Hein Solo Violin EXtended
Four fantastic sounding Solo Violin Instruments
Chris Hein Orchestral Brass Compact
The light version of Chris Hein - Orchestral Brass
Alpine Volksmusik 2 Crossgrade
Crossgrade for registered owners of Alpine Volksmusik 1
Ethno World 6 Voices
Ethnic Voices from all over the World
Real counter tenor as a virtual instrument
Chris Hein Winds Complete
The most complete orchestral Woodwind instrument library
Emotional Violin
The most expressive virtual violin of all time
Meditation & New Age Sounds by Eduardo Tarilonte
Alpine Volksmusik 1
The first virtual Volksmusik Kapelle!
Alpine Volksmusik 1 Crossgrade
Crossgrade for registered owners of Alpine Volksmusik 2
Titan 2 offers 266 Synthesizer models in one
Epic World
Epic World - Cinematic Landscapes by Eduardo Tarilonte
Alpine Volksmusik 2
Collection of Instruments for Volksmusik