VSL Starter Editions


The Vienna Starter Editions offer large-scale orchestra packages and much more in resource-saving, affordable products. All sounds work perfectly in a variety of musical styles, from pop and rock environments to mysterious soundscapes and to large symphonic arrangements.

Big Bang Orchestra: Neptune
Big Bang Orchestra: Orion
Big Bang Orchestra: Musca
Two string ensembles - recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna
Big Bang Orchestra: Lyra
Three string ensembles - recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna
Big Bang Orchestra: Kopernikus
Big Bang Orchestra: Jupiter
Big Bang Orchestra: Izar
Big Bang Orchestra: Hercules
Synchron Stage Vienna’s Famous Low Brass Section
Big Bang Orchestra: Ganymede
Choir Ensembles, Tutti Patches, Tutti FX
Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax
Unique library of Pianos, Drums & more
Big Bang Orchestra: Eridanus
Big Bang Orchestra: Dorado
Monster Drums, Thunder Toms, Super Crashes and many more
Big Bang Orchestra: Capricorn
Captivating Riffs and Patterns
Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye
Ready-to-use Orchestral Textures
Vienna Smart Hits
Breathtaking hits, “braams”, risers, swells and sub booms
Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda
Powerful expansion pack for Vienna’s free Big Bang Orchestra
Vienna Smart Orchestra ExpansionPack
Additional Instruments for Vienna Smart Orchestra
Special Edition Collection Vol. 7
Special Edition Collection Vol. 6
Essential Brass based on Vienna Dimension Brass
Special Edition Collection Vol. 5
Essential Strings based on Vienna Dimension Strings
Vienna Smart Spheres
Ambient symphonic explorations in a brand new mix
Vienna Smart Orchestra Upgrade
For registered users of a Special Edition or Collection
Vienna Smart Orchestra
Ready-to-use essentials of an entire orchestra
Special Edition Bundle Complete
All SE collections in a massive bundle
Special Edition Collection Vol. 3
Vienna Symphonic Library - Appassionata & Muted Strings