VSL VI Series


The products of the VIENNA INSTRUMENTS SERIES were recorded in the relatively dry environment of our Silent Stage and are available individually or in specially priced bundles in the categories of STRINGS,  WINDS, PERCUSSION, KEYBOARDS, VOICES and PLUCKED.

Vienna Solo Voices
Including 4 Female and 3 Male Solo Voices
Dimension Strings III
Four string sections playing “sul tasto”
Historic Winds III
The Natural Horn by Vienna Symphonic Library
Historic Winds II
Nine rare Instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque Era
Historic Winds I
Historic Instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque period
Dimension Strings Bundle
Most ambitious and time intensive production by VSL
Dimension Strings II
Muted Dimension String Ensembles
Dimension Brass II
3 muted ensembles and a brand new Wagner tuba ensemble
Clarinet (Bb) 2
Perfect addition to Clarinet Bb 1
Voices Complete
All available Vienna Products in the Voices Category
Vienna Whistler
Vienna Whistler - Celebrating the Art of Whistling
Additional Winds Bundle
BUNDLE containing Saxophones, Recorders and Historic Winds
Plucked Instruments Bundle
BUNDLE containing Upright Bass, Concert- and Electric-Guitar
Prepared Piano
The Prepared Piano by VSL
The Recorders Collection by VSL
Dimension Strings I
The largest and most detailed strings library from VSL
Dimension Brass I
4 epochal brass ensembles - 16 instruments!
Symphonic Cube
A professional orchestra in a giant bundle
Super Package
The ultimate Vienna Symphonic Library anthology
Strings Complete
The entire range of VSL strings
Winds Complete
All Woodwind & Brass Vienna Instruments Collections
Appassionata Strings Bundle
Appassionata Strings I & II Bundle
Brass Bundle
All Brass Collections by Vienna Instruments
Chamber Strings Bundle
Both Chamber Strings collections in a bundle
Solo Strings Bundle
All solo strings collections made by Vianna Instruments