From the most popular equalizers, compressors, and limiters to award-winning reverbs, noise reduction, and surround sound tools, Waves offers the world’s largest selection of professional audio plugins.

Even our web shop lists only the most established plugins from WAVES, we can deliver any existing WAVES license including upgrades and specials immediately for the lowest day rate. Please do not hesitate to send us an email request!

Manny Marroquin Triple D
Clean up vocal tracks quickly & easily
Modeled compressor/limiter plugin
OneKnob Series
Every OneKnob in one bundle
PRS SuperModels
Three High-end PRS Guitar Amps
Modeled vintage compressor plugin
Modeled vintage equalizer plugin
Modeled vintage 4-Band EQ plugin
Scheps Omni Channel
Flexible Channel Strip Plug-in
Kramer HLS Channel
Modeled EQ / Mic Pre-amp Plug-in
SSL G-Equalizer
EQ plugin modeled on the SSL G Series
WLM Plus Loudness Meter
Multi-format loudness metering software solution
SSL G-Master
Buss Compressor, perfect for tightening up final mixes
Bass Slapper
Slap Bass Plug-in by Waves
B360 Ambisonics Encoder
The industry-standard for VR and 360° videos
Precision drum tone shifter Plug-in
SSL G-Channel
EQ and dynamics plugin modeled on the SSL G Series
H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer
Powerful hybrid equalizer
PuigChild Compressor
Modeled on a rare vintage Fairchild 670
Pianos & Keys
Waves' iconic pianos and keys in one collection
Accurately sampled from the original D6 model Clavinet
All Essential Dynamic Processes in one Tool
CLA MixDown
Ultimate Mix Buss Plug-in from Chris Lord-Alge
Brauer Motion
Stereo auto-panner designed with top mixer Michael Brauer
50.0 of 5
Precision EQ triggered by a built-in dynamic processor
Smack Attack
A secret weapon for mixing percussive instruments