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XA Effects Bundle
release date: 06.04.2021

XA Effects Bundle


AU, Mac, VST, Win

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XA Effects Bundle - Powerful Multi-Device Effect Processors

This bundle contains two multi-device effect processors:

  • FilterCult - FilterCult is an effects plugin (2-in, 2-out) for analogue filtering and sound coloration. It hosts an analogue modeled transistor ladder filter (the main unit) preserving its quirks, idiosyncracies and featuring a number of circuit-bents. It can be used for "standard" analogue filtering or as a very "wild and extreme" sound processor, thanks to its circuit-bents and modulation unit.
  • ShineVerb - ShineVerb is a multi-device effects processor composed by a set of modeled analogue gear and digital devices and is desigend for reverberation, spatialization and sound coloration purposes.

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