DUY is a plug-in manufacturer based in Barcelona. Creators of the legendary DaD Valve, DaD Tape and DUY Wide, as well as Magic Spectrum, the Hollywood industry standard for ADR. DUY software is used by companies such as Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Skywalker, Technicolor, Todd-AO Soundelux, Electronic Arts, Deluxe, 20th Century Fox, as well as record producers like David Reitzas, Mutt Lange, Eric Bazilian, Ben Fenner, Mike Hedges, Chris Porter, Rafa Sardina and Spike Stent, among many others.

Easy Mastering Bundle
The 4 essential plugins for seamless mastering
Powerful high precision noise removal
DaD Valve
The Original Classical Valve Plugin
3-Band Special Effects Sound Processor
Max Duy
Sound Levelling Maximizer