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Polyphonic Transient & Sound Designer

AtomicTransient is an innovative, polyphonic multi-channel transient processor as an effect plug-in. Innovative algorithms provide precise and clear transient detection and excellent dynamic adjustment.

The polyphonic spectral separation, used for the first time in a transient shaper, allows the envelope of each polyphonic 'note' to be processed according to its own time base, even in polyphonic audio material, without affecting other sounding notes.

The Transient Artist

With AtomictTransient, your audio sources and samples match the mix perfectly:

  • Change dynamics of recordings, samples and existing loops

  • Use atomictransient for percussion patterns, but also for instruments or loops/mix patterns

  • Adjust the complete temporal envelope of existing audio material

  • Separate, accentuate or remove drum hits from loops or patterns

  • Simulate piano pedals, change the guitar attack, or reshape the envelope of a synthesizer sample. Each note is adjusted in its own time domain


Use atomictransient in of your DAW for any type of track as needed.

Regardless of whether you use it for drum patterns, loops from your DAW library, polyphonic instrument recordings or midi instruments. You can also easily edit existing mixes.

atomictransient works with any audio material that contains transients/beats!



  • Transient detection with input filter

  • 3 independent processing channels

  • Monophonic and polyphonic processing

  • ADSR envelope and LFO-Filter effects

  • Channel mixer with output filter

  • Graphical live displays to visualize signal, processing and signal's ADSR

  • Input and output level meter

  • Gain and auto-gain modifier

  • Auto threshold

  • MIDI controlling + integrated MIDI learn

  • Multipurpose factory presets

  • Preset-browser, user- and factory-preset grouping, copy & paste presets to clipboard

  • A/B program comparison, UNDO/REDO

  • Resizable user interface and two different skins

  • Executable standalone-application (Windows only)

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  • macOS 10.10 or higher
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 7-11
  • 32 bit or 64 bit
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