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Aural Trainer for ABRSM
release date: 05.07.2023

Aural Trainer for ABRSM

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The perfect tool to master ABRSM Aural Tests at Grades 1-5

It would be unfortunate to fail the aural test after working so hard to earn your ABRSM grade! By using EarMaster's Aural Trainer for ABRSM, you may increase your chances of success and ensure that you will pass the aural tests for grades 1 through 5. You will be able to acquire all the skills necessary to earn your ABRSM certificate, possibly even with distinction, with the help of hundreds of fun and efficient exercises!

The ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is one of the top musical organizations in the world thanks to its demanding tests, skillfully designed curricula, and teaching recommendations. Each year, more than 600.000 students worldwide take an ABRSM exam.

EarMaster’s Aural Trainer for ABRSM will prepare you for the following aural tests:

  • Pulse and Metre (Grades 1-3) - Clap the pulse of a musical excerpt, and identify the metre

  • Echoes (Grades 1-3) - Sing back a short melody

  • Differences (Grades 1-3) - Spot the difference between two melodies played consecutively

  • Musical Features (Grades 1-5) - Notice and characterise the features of musical excerpts

  • Melodic Repetition (Grades 4-5) - Sing back a short melody

  • Rhythmic Repetition and Metre (Grades 4-5) - Clap back the rhythm of a short melody

  • Sight-Singing (Grades 4-5) - Sing notes from a score in free time

Even if you're not taking an ABRSM grade right now, you can use Aural Trainer for ABRSM in order to find out how good your aural skills currently are - and improve them by completing the hundreds of exercises available in the course.

Product Features

  • Hundreds of practical exercises to prepare for ABRSM Aural Tests at grades 1-5.
  • Voice detection technology that recognizes the notes you sing.
  • Tap rhythms on your computer keyboard or in front of a microphone.
  • Instant feedback on your pitch and rhythmic accuracy.
  • Connect a MIDI instrument (Not included) to play your answers.
  • Smart help system available everywhere in the app.
  • Free email support by qualified in-house staff.
  • Detailed statistics and results: follow your progress day by day.

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  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 2GHz processor
  • RAM: 2GB


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