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Big Beautiful Door
release date: 13.01.2023

Big Beautiful Door

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Combination of a gate with two 3-band equalizers

If M.C. Escher* built a house, it would have a Big Beautiful Door - one that lets you in at the same time it lets you out. In musical terms, Big Beautiful Door is a uniquely useful tool for both problem-solving and creative applications. BBD combines two equalizers with a gate and advanced sidechain capabilities that enable you to equalize different portions of a sound separately. Imagine being able to cut harsh consonants only as they occur while bringing out the air in vocals without increasing sibilance. That becomes the reality you enter through the Big Beautiful Door. But that’s just one place it can take you. Not only is the BBD the most powerful vocal EQ available, but it also gives you the ability to remove guitar-amp hiss from power chord decays, clean up the low end, manage bass and kick frequencies via ducking, add both rhythmic and tonal movement to pads, and more. Big Beautiful Door is easy to use and gives you results that multiple plug-in chains can’t achieve.


  • Combines a gate with two 3-band equalizers

  • Equalize loud and quiet sounds separately

  • Selectable internal/external sidechain and sidechain listen function

  • Equalizers feature selectable slopes, along with gain, frequency, and variable resonance controls

  • Individual solo for each EQ section

  • Dual-mode sidechain filters for accurate triggering

  • A/B bank comparison mode

  • Factory presets and user preset save and recall

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  • macOS 10.5 or higher


  • Windows 8 or higher
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