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Chroma - Upright Piano
release date: 25.06.2024

Chroma - Upright Piano

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A Truly Special Piano

Chroma - Upright Piano stands out, not just because of its rich history and impeccable restoration, but because of its unique character and emotional depth that set it apart.

The journey began a few years ago in a small studio, where the team initially focused on recording a grand piano. However, an unassuming upright piano in the same studio captured our attention. Though Sonuscore were committed to recording the grand, the upright's distinct sound and emotional resonance left a lasting impression. Sonuscore just had to record it and share it with the world!

The Chroma - Upright Piano isn’t just another virtual instrument; it’s a culmination of passion, serendipity, and meticulous craftsmanship.

  • Warm, mid-focused tonal character with rich low-end

  • Multiple unique articulations including felt, muted, plucked, flageolet, and bowed

  • Recorded with a diverse array of microphones for a comprehensive sound

  • Unique core engine that both recreates the piano’s original sonority and also creates new and abstract soundscapes

  • 27 velocity layers for nuanced and dynamic playability

  • 91 presets designed to inspire and enhance creativity

Crafted for Cinematic Intimacy

What makes Chroma - Upright Piano truly special? It’s a century-old gem from the small, renowned piano house, lovingly restored with new strings, felts, and mechanics. This meticulous restoration ensured it not only maintained its tune exceptionally well but also preserved its authentic, vintage character. However, Sonuscore haven’t stopped there, they’ve spent hours melding their coding expertise with this acoustic gem to bring you a classic piano with a ton of modern features.


A better piaNO?

Better or different? You decide when comparing it to other upright piano libraries, here’s 5 reasons the Chroma – Upright Piano offers compelling advantages:

  • Unlike other virtual upright pianos, this instrument exudes a raw, organic quality. The soundboard’s resonance adds a layer of emotion, making it perfect for intimate and expressive music.

  • This upright piano isn’t limited to one genre. It transitions effortlessly from delicate, introspective pieces to dynamic cinematic scores and contemporary rock and pop mixes. Its ability to blend seamlessly into various styles sets it apart.

  • The upright piano has been meticulously restored by a professional, ensuring that it retains its original charm while offering modern playability. This level of detail in restoration and sampling is unmatched, providing a genuine and immersive playing experience. Offering all the advantages of owning an instrument like this without many of the downsides.

  • The upright’s sound profile is distinctly different from a grand piano. In order to capture the mojo and character of this upright they’ve sampled 27 dynamic layers to ensure all the most authentic reproduction of this very special piano.

  • In a mix, grand pianos can sometimes dominate, requiring extensive EQ adjustments. In contrast, the Chroma - Upright Piano sits naturally in a mix, enhancing the overall sound without overpowering it. Its ability to blend quickly into various mixes makes it an invaluable tool for producers.

Precision Recording for sonic depth

Chroma - Upright Piano offers musicians and producers an authentic, versatile, and emotionally rich tool that stands out in a crowded market. It’s also the ideal companion to the Chroma - Upright Piano, offering a different sound to include in your musical productions.  

Whether you’re creating heartfelt, intimate music, pop or rock hits, or powerful cinematic scores, this upright piano will bring unparalleled character and mojo to your compositions.

Sonuscore went beyond the ordinary, recording a range of articulations that push Chroma - Upright Piano beyond the traditional piano. From the soft, ethereal quality of felt notes to the resonant, harmonic richness of flageolets, and even the visceral, hands-on experience of plucked strings and bowed tones, this library provides an expansive toolkit for the adventurous composer. Add mechanical detail and control sounds like Note On, Note Off and Pedal for an even more realistic feel.


The Upright Piano in Detail

Sonuscore's detailed recording process involved a plethora of microphones positioned to capture every nuance. With positions like FRONT, ABOVE, BELOW, and the unique RUMBLE, they’ve created a soundscape that’s rich and full-bodied. The close Coles 4038s, spaced Neumann km140s, and other mic pairs ensure that every subtlety of the upright piano’s character is faithfully preserved and ready for your creative touch.

Heritage Sound, Modern Flexibility

The Chroma - Upright Piano is a testament to the enduring sound of this Wilhelm Diemer upright piano, enhanced for the modern composer. With an engine that allows for detailed customization, including a pitch control and advanced mic mixing, you have the power to shape this vintage instrument’s voice to perfectly match your project’s needs.

About The Wilhelm Deimer Piano

Wilhelm Diemer was a small piano workshop in Würzburg, Germany, known for their exceptional quality and distinct sound. This particular 100-year-old upright piano, lovingly restored and deeply sampled, brings its historical richness and refined acoustic properties into the digital realm, offering you a timeless musical companion.

Key Features

  • Revolutionary SONUSCORE flagship upright piano

  • Perfect capture of the intimacy and warmth of a century-old Wilhelm Diemer upright piano

  • Also an inspiring tool for creating new and abstract soundscapes

  • Full mod wheel support of its unique core engine, inspired by TIME TEXTURES

  • Multiple modifiable articulations like felt, muted, plucked, flageolet, and bowed

  • 4 freely adjustable microphone positions: FRONT, ABOVE, BELOW, RUMBLE

  • 27 velocity layers for normal piano sound and 8 round robins for all mechanical sounds

  • Over 90 ready-to-go naturalistic & cinematic ensemble presets crafted to inspire

  • Engine Enhancements: Octave pitch control, detailed effect swap.

Works with the FREE KONTAKT PLAYER Version 7.10.4 or higher

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  • Windows 10 or 11
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5 or similar CPU
  • RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)

Supported Interfaces:

  • Mac (64-bit only): Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Windows (64-bit): Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AAX

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