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Crickets and Cicadas

Crickets and Cicadas

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Musical sounds of nature

With this library, you can access lovely sounds that Just Sound Effects captured in Southeast Asian jungles and European forests. In open areas, on trees, or in warm, dense forests, crickets, cicadas, and grasshoppers are frequently observed. Good sounding crickets and cicadas are a must have sound effect that every sound designer needs to create exotic soundscapes, dry deserts or the acoustic background of a mild summer evening.

Clean recordings

All sound effects have an extremely low noise floor and can easily be used as a construction kit for layering unique sound atmospheres. Perspectives from close to far will help you to design your own sonic environments.

From single insects to swarms

The noises range from close-up crickets singing melodies to cricket ambiances and the buzzy, raspy sound of cicadas during the day. It is much easier to listen to the many different singing bug sounds because they are difficult to describe. Our vocabulary struggles to describe the buzz, click, rasp, whirr, rattle, trill, and chirp of cicadas and crickets. The majority of the time, we only employ one descriptive verb, which is onomatopoeic, although these insects make a variety of sounds.

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  • Files: 78

  • Duration: 81 Minutes

  • Size: 1.57 GB

  • Format: 48/96khz/24bit

  • Channels: Stereo-Wav

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