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EZbass MIDI Contemporary R&B

EZbass MIDI Contemporary R&B


Toontrack EBX

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EZbass MIDI inspired by contemporary R&B

R&B. Rhythm and blues. Even though the last decades may have chiseled away at the most evident traces of blues in contemporary R&B, one thing is as certain as ever – the rhythm hasn’t gone anywhere. And just like in any beat-centric genre, what’s a rhythm without the thump of the bass? It’s literally as essential as the groove itself.

The Contemporary R&B EZbass MIDI pack hones in on this particularly rhythm and bass-dominant genre and presents a collection of basslines featuring all its hallmark traits. Expect big, bold and chunky grooves that touch on anything from the basic to the more elaborate. Get ready to add that extra bit of finesse to the bottom line of your beats.

Feature Spotlight

  • EZbass MIDI inspired by contemporary R&B and its related genres like hip-hop, soul and modern pop

  • 4/4 and 6/8 in straight and/or swing feel with tempos ranging from 65 BPM to 121 BPM

  • Organized in convenient song parts (A, B and C sections)

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