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Final Compressor
release date: 23.06.2023

Final Compressor

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AU, Mac, VST3, Win

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The ultimate compressor plugin

Final Compressor is an M/S compatible dynamics processor. This innovative next-generation tool lets you sculpt a massive sound.


  • Precision monitoring for In/Out

  • Graphical user interface for easy operation

  • Input/output gain adjustment function

  • Continuous variable ratio setting

  • In-house developed sound engine that delivers both powerful sound and precision beyond that of outboards

  • Stereo / Mid-Side modes available

  • Dry/wet adjustment function

  • Input/output gain adjustment function

  • ​Graphical user interface for easy operation​

  • Continuous variable ratio setting

  • Auto makeup function

  • Side chain HPF

  • Variable knee setting

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  • macOS 10.11 - 12
  • 64 bit
  • Apple Silicon compatible


  • Windows 10 - 11
  • 64 bit
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