Funky Elements

Funky Elements


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The FUNKY ELEMENTS download includes both the original 'The Funky Element' and 'Mo Funky Elements' sample libraries, which we first released as Sample CDs way back in 1991. This classic Funk/HipHop sample collection was one of the world's very first sample libraries ever produced! It set a world standard for genuine-article funk sounds, and is still regarded by many as the perfect tool for throwing down a retro funky jam. This download in WAV and Kontakt format was created by converting all the data from the original Akai CD-ROM version of Funky Elements.

This download contains all the sounds from both Volume 1 - 'The Funky Element' AND Volume 2 -Mo' Funky Elements'. It features over 1900 original samples, including:
Classic programmed funk beats; The hardest snares & crunchiest kicks & hats; Crucial horn stabs; Funky sax licks/FX; Hammond B3; Classic Fender Rhodes; Funky guitar rhythms; Funky percussion loops; Multisampled Rhodes, pianos & clavinets; Organs; Funky monosynthed leads; Rare groove jazzy piano; Key & tempo grouped guitar & bass sets - loads of closely related loops, riffs, slides, pops & slaps in a wide range of funk styles; Vintage drums & percussion; The 70's Funk kit; Custom drum fills & live loops grouped by tempo - produced to sound like old funk loops; Percussion loops for huge range of BPMs; Mo' funky sax squeals & wails; Funky horn riffs; Special Funk/HipHop construction sets: Mo' horn hits & stabs; Funky & rap FX; Construction Sets including Vintage Disco, New Jack Swing, Synth Funk & Jazz Rap.

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