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FX Rack Pultec EQP-1A

FX Rack Pultec EQP-1A

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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST2, VST3

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Program Equalizer based on original Pultec hardware

The Apogee EQP-1A precisely recreates the unique characteristics of the Pultec EQP-1A hardware equalizer:

  • Broad EQ curves, to gently but powerfully shape your sounds while maintaining their integrity

  • Interaction of Bands, to create characteristic EQ curves used by engineers for decades

  • Circuit Non-Linearites, to add the “magic” that hardware units are renown for

Included are the Native and FX Rack version.

Meet Apogee FX Rack with Dual Path Recording

Apogee FX Rack Plugins are made with the same quest for quality and obsessive attention to detail as Apogee hardware products. Thanks to Apogee’s unique DualPath DSP-Native technology,  Apogee FX Rack plugins can run both on the hardware DSP in Ensemble Thunderbolt and Element Series interfaces and as native plugins on your Mac. Apogee’s DualPath technology opens up a variety of popular, simplified workflows, always with the lowest latency.

No other audio hardware and plugin platform offers a more powerful combination of professional sound quality and workflow flexibility.

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  • macOS 10.12.6 or higher (10.14 Mojave fully supported)
  • 64 bit
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB recommended)


  • Not supported
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