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"I must tell you that Galaxy X is certainly in a category of its own"

After three years of development Galaxy Instruments proudly presents an exciting new virtual instrument with an extraordinary new kind of sound design:


X is a CONVOLUTION SYNTHESIZER, bringing an extremely powerful and creative sound design tool at your disposal: FX CONVOLUTION. X features over 1400 convolution X-Files to completely alter more than 15GB of source sounds, all specifically recorded and tweaked for X. Divided into three instrument categories, Galaxy X delivers a complete production pack.

For instant use, you can choose from over 1000 READY-TO-PLAY INSTRUMENT LAYERS. With the specially created, very intuitive and effective user interface, it´s a snap to completely change an instrument layer or create new ones from scratch. Welcome into a new world of Sound Design.

  X-FX - featuring all kinds of effect sounds

  X-KEYS - tonally playable instruments

  X-LOOPS - thousands of special effect loops

Sound categories include spheres - impacts - rhythms - tonally playable loops - tons of effects - morphed sounds - sequences - cinematic soundscapes - wild ambiences - drones - effect grooves - reversed sounds - all from smooth and deep to hard and heavy, and a lot more. Galaxy X works great for Score Music - Games - Ambient - Chill - Soundtrack - Trance - Electronic Music - Dance - Pop - Progressive - Experimental ...
... for everybody who is looking for new sounds.


In the audio world, convolution is the process of multiplying two signals together or folding one audio file over the other one. The result is a hybrid of the two original sounds, introducing a whole new world of sound creations.
With Galaxy X, those two sound files are the Sources and the X-Files.
The SOURCES are sample sets especially and exclusively recorded and tweaked for the use with FX Convolution. All in all X delivers about 15BG of source material with almost 1000 tonally playable source key instruments, over 2000 Effect Sounds and over 5000 Loops.
The X-FILES are Impulse Responses, specifically created for FX convolution, which shape, twist, filter, reverse, deepen, morph and even destroy and rebuild the source sounds.
By the X-Engine’s X-Files a celeste mutates into a tuning orchestra, a bowed ventilator sinks into the resonances of a piano, a sitar smashes into a clatter of glass, a tonal dance loop arises from a kalimba.
The combination of Sources and X-Files creates trillions of sounds unheard before!

The „X-EYE“

The X-EYE is the center of the X surface. Its color corresponds to the amount of FX-convolution in action.
The great thing about X is that you are always in charge of easily and dynamically changing the amount of FX convolution by simply using the Modulation Wheel or any other midi controller.
This way the final sound of X can be modulated. Listen to your music and instantly decide, how much the Source should be convolved.


FEED FOR THE BEAST - The Sources Overall you can choose from over 4000 basic source sounds, which are based on over 16000 samples. Galaxy X Schuss Almost 1000 TONALLY PLAYABLE SOURCES like bowed mallets and cymbals, piano overtones, waterphone, mini-celesta, synthetic attacks and weirdos, different pianos, plucked and beaten instruments, noises or reversed sounds.

Over 2000 EFFECT SOUNDS such as magic balls, whirling wood, circuit bent noises, scratched cymbals, electronic effects, industrial and machine samples or flute and voice phrases.

Over 5000 exceptional LOOPS such as tongue drum, body percussion, world percussions, tonal loops, chopped loops, vinyl loops and weird ones like Rod Spring Piano or Trembling Chimes.

X FILES - Impulse Responses

The X-Files put their mark on the Sources, be it the envelope, the frequency, the position or tonality and resonance. The kind of effect they achieve always depends on the interaction between Source and X-File. Galaxy X being a virtual instrument featuring both the sources and the convolution files gave us the opportunity to co-ordinate them on each other.
The effect of the X-FILES ranges from filtering the source to shaping, deepening, morphing or completely mutating it.
We recorded hundreds of ´real´ X-Files like instrument resonances, phrases, ´mistreated instruments´, voice noises or environmental noises and treated them big time for great effects on the sources.
We sampled different rooms, vintage equipment like tape delays or old turntables, ..... We programmed noises for filtering and shaping the sources or recorded and tweaked different loops for creating tonally playable loops.
We reversed all kind of X-Files for creating reverse effects for every X-Source.


Galaxy X brings convolution sources and X-Files together into one virtual instrument for the first time. This enabled us to co-ordinate all sounds and aspects of FX convolution into one integrated system with an intuitive, easy, but effective user interface. The source sounds start in the top triangle of the interface, the Sources section. The Sources can be layered by up to three, already creating a whole bunch of complex sources. These combined source sounds take their way counter-clockwise to the next module.
The Pre-X-Engine prepares the sources for FX-convolution. The source can be distorted, crunched and crushed, resulting in a very different interaction with the X-File. The ´Dirt´ Section is followed by either a Groove and Sequence generator or an EQ/Filter section. Contour shapes the signal and Repeat adds filtered echoes, also being convolved afterwards.
The combination of Sources and Pre-X effects already creates a zillion of complex sounds. But these are only the feed for the beast: the X-Engine.
The X-Engine is the convolution module of X. This is where you choose your X-File, change its length and tuning, sync it to the host tempo and reverse it, if you choose to do so. The main control is the ´X-Factor´, representing the amount of convolution. The ´X-Factor´ is always controlled by the Modulation Wheel (unless you choose another controller) and always visualized by the centered X-Eye, so you can always ´keep an eye´ on the convolution amount.
At the end, the Post-X-Engine finalizes the Xed sound with a panning automation, Color and Filter control and the final Space module. Behind Space hides another convolution module, but this time exclusively serving for all kinds of reverb, from weird small spaces to the Taj Mahal.


  • Convolution Synthesizer

  • New sound synthesis for exciting new sounds

  • Integrated system for FX convolution in one virtual instrument

  • Complete production kit: X-Keys, X-FX and X-Loops

  • More than 1000 ready-to-play Instrument Layers

  • Easy creation of user sounds

  • 15GB of Source Sounds

  • More than 1000 multi-sampled Source Key Instruments

  • More than 5000 Source Loops

  • More than 2000 Source Effect Sounds

  • More than 1400 Convolution X-Files for completely altering the source sounds

  • Complex sound design with an extremely intuitive user interface

  • Easy dynamic use of convolution using the Mod Wheel

  • X-Eye for visualizing the amount of convolution

  • Musical and intuitive Pre-X and Post-X effects

  • Endless sound possibilities designed by you



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Flag EN spaceComputer Music & 04/2012

MusicRadar 4 Stars

A massive realm of sound that throws up all manner of fabulous surprises.

ComputerMusic review Galaxy X

Flag DE spaceMusicTechMagazine 05/2012

MTM verdictSounds right

Galaxy X offers an almost unthinkable number of sonic possibilities and Best Service's designers have done their best to catogorise them logically. This synth can offer an infinite range of new sounds, but it's definitely a tool that you need to sit down with to find the types of source and X-Files that work for you and what you want to achieve. MTM


Flag EN 03/2012

Hispasonic Logo

excerpt (translated from spanish language

"Galaxy X is an incredible sound designing tool which allows you to achieve certain results, which would be very difficult in other way, at least as easy and quick as this instrument allows. Although some things need to be polished, if you are of those who are looking for original or weird sounds, you should take into account Galaxy X, that without reinventing the wheel, adds a fair amount of innovation to the market, which sincerely, is a lot nowadays"

En resumen, Galaxy X es una increíble herramienta de diseño sonoro que permite resultados difíciles de conseguir de otro modo, al menos, con la sencillez y rapidez que lo permite este instrumento y aunque le quedan algunas cosas que mejorar, si eres de los que busca sonidos originales y extraños, deberías tener muy en cuenta a Galaxy X que, sin reinventar la rueda, si que aporta cierta carga de innovación al mercado, lo que, sinceramente, no es poco en estos días.

Hispasonic review Galaxy X

Flag DE spaceDELAMAR März 2012


Delamar BewertungEs ist dem Hersteller hoch anzurechnen, dass der Galaxy X seinem Namen gemäß eine ganze Galaxie voller ungewöhnlicher Klänge bereithält – atmosphärische Texturen, geschichtete Sequenzen, Soundeffekte, Instrumente mit ungewöhnlichen Effektkombinationen. Da sind teilweise sehr interessante und originelle Sounds. Die Faltungseffekte sind eine tolle Idee. Von radikalen Filter-Sweeps, den Klangprofilen alter Radios, Telefone und Federhalleffekte über Morphings und Texturen bis hin zu diversen schwer zu beschreibenden Effekten ist viel Stoff zum Experimentieren vorhanden.

Delamar Testbericht Galaxy X

Flag DE spaceKEYS 04/2012

Keys RezensionAuszug: Galaxy X bietet eine enorme Bandbreite frischer, teils spektakulärer und verfremdeter Klänge. Höhepuinkte sind eine Vielzahl in Echtzeit modulierbarer sphärischer Sounds sowie frisches rhytmisches Material mit viel eperimentiellem Spielraum. Mittels FX-Convolution werden tatsächlich neue Klangwelten erschlossen, mit einem weiten Anwednungsbereich von der Filmmusik bis zu Dance-Produktionen.

Andreas Ecker, Keys, 04 2012

Flag DE spaceInterview mit Uli Baronowski im BEAT Magazin 3/2012


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27.11.2020 Language: englisch

of my last purchase the product codes in my account do not work. Do I need something you didn't send me?

5.0 of 5  
27.04.2019 Sprache: deutsch

easy to use fast and effectiv

5.0 of 5  
03.12.2016 Language: englisch

Excellent and imaginative sounds with lots of possibilities for new creations, equally useful for music making and sound effects work. I love it!


9 stars MTM

MusicTechMag, 9 stars

Computer Music 4 stars

Computer Music, 4 stars

music radar rating

Music Radar, 4 stars

Delamar Rating

Delamar, Überdurchschnittlich


Thumbs Up

Kunden Kommentar:
Just started playing around a bit with Galaxy-X tonight. SICK!! ;-) I´ve got a LOT of stuff already in my arsenal (Komplete 8, Damage, Evolution Series, Spectrasonics Trillian, Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, etc., etc.), but I must tell you that Galaxy X is certainly in a category of its own.
Great work!


Engine poweredBest Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included with this product!


  • macOS 10.14 - macOS 14
  • 64 bit
  • Apple Silicon (support via Rosetta 2)
  • Intel Mac
  • 2GHz
  • RAM: 2GB


  • Windows 8-11
  • 32 bit & 64 bit
  • Intel Core processor
  • 2GHz
  • RAM: 2GB 

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