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German Theorbo Harpsichord

German Theorbo Harpsichord


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German Theorbo Harpsichord - a lost instrument revived

Not a single instrument survived throughout the centuries. When the instruments had vanished, the awareness had gone, too: This type of instrument - rediscovered by musicologists only few decades ago - combines tones similar to lute or harp instruments with the airy, bell-like chime of a harpsichord.

TheorboHarpsichord InstBack in the days of harpsichords and spinets, a theorbo-harpsichord offered warmer tone. Its two 16' stops and different rows of jacks offer variations that resemble lute and harp instruments. The switchable metal-string 4' brings airy richness and fast attack to the table.

All notes bloom with full decay due to undampened strings (in contrast to harpsichords and pianos) - this leads to a vibrating, reverberant yet still transparent sound.

Just like harpsichords and spinets, the instrument is not touch-sensitive. However, not any given note will sound exactly the same due to resonances of body and strings. In order to pay tribute to the instruments' variation, every note was captured with 8 different samples. The key release sounds are also of major importance for the overall experience. Therefore, Realsamples recorded 4 release samples of each note.

The instrument is now available for your sampler, presented in its original Valotti tuning at 412 Hz and at 440Hz.

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